The 2017 marketing network business annual meeting

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On January 12, the 2017 "professional focus on high quality and work together for new development" marketing network business annual meeting of Sinomach (Luoyang) Co., Ltd. was successfully held in the newly completed industrial park. Zhangguolong, the chairman and general manager of the company, relevant leaders of its business, and nearly 200 representatives of key dealers, suppliers and users from all over the country attended the conference. The meeting was presided over by Wang Xiao, deputy general manager of the company

the on-site

meeting of 2017 national machinery heavy industry (Luoyang) marketing network business annual meeting for extrusion processing of materials such as glass fiber reinforcement, magnetic plastics, conductive materials, new ceramics, etc.

the meeting summarized the company's business situation in 2016, introduced the development goals and work ideas in 2017, issued the 2017 marketing theme report and 2017 business policy, and interpreted the selling points and quality improvement points of main products, The representatives of the two suppliers made a commitment on cooperation support, and it was difficult to compare with the customer representatives when they were wet or for a long time. They shared the story of growth and wealth creation

speech by zhangguolong, chairman and general manager of Sinomach heavy industry (Luoyang) Co., Ltd.

in his wonderful speech, president Zhang reviewed some achievements made by the company in 2016 in terms of capacity improvement, sales growth, new product launch, brand integration, etc; The opportunities and challenges faced by the current industry are analyzed; This paper expounds the strategic positioning of the company's core business, and emphasizes that in 2017, we will continue to take customers as the core, market-oriented, firm quality to build the enterprise, integrate resources from all parties, improve market response speed, further improve business conditions, stimulate employees' work enthusiasm and passion, and promote the development of products to high-performance, multi-function, high reliability, humanization, environmental adaptability, energy diversity and other dimensions

Wang Xiao, deputy general manager of Sinomach heavy industry (Luoyang) Co., Ltd., made a theme report

supplier representative Liu Jianmin, deputy general manager of Jiangxi Fenyi drive axle Co., Ltd., made a speech

customer representatives shared the story of growth and wealth creation

president Wang summarized the marketing work in 2016 with "improved marketing ability, strengthened project development, improved glass transition temperature 211 degrees, improved market potential, and optimized product structure". The marketing work in 2017 highlighted three improvements, three enhancements and three promotions, the core of which is to strengthen cooperation, innovation and development with agents, requiring agents to improve their sales strategies and increase their market share; Improve the service level and build a customer support system; Increase project sales and increase share contribution; Promote national III products to quickly occupy the medium and high-end market; Deepen the application of informatization and improve the level of marketing management; We should make good use of financial leasing means, control risks, and carry out business work in stable operation

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group photos of all participants

this conference clarified the goal and vision, pointed out the direction of progress, inspired people's morale, deployed the action plan, and arranged the implementation path. The dream is here, and the building block experiment touches the hearts of a large number of people, and they are struggling on the road! In 2017, roll up your sleeves and work hard, "small goals" will be achieved. (this article is from Sinomach)

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