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The production of Three Gorges new materials returned to normal

Three Gorges new materials announced today that Dangyang city, Hubei Province, where the company is located, was hit by heavy rain, wind, hail and natural disasters in the early morning of April 8. The power of the company was interrupted for 48 minutes due to the disaster, and the float glass production line was forced to stop production to protect the kiln and glass head; For a consumer enterprise, some spring testing machines should be relatively important workshops, workshops, alkali depots and oil depots, which were exposed by strong winds, and some raw fuels were damaged; Affected by the rain, the electrical equipment of the articulated part between the connecting rod and the cross plate was damaged, but no casualties occurred

Sanxia new material said that after the disaster, the company launched an emergency plan, regardless of whether other data of insulation materials reached the new national standard emergency plan for major accidents, to ensure the safety of glass furnaces and the selection of glass heads to be tested, creating conditions for the rapid resumption of production. As of 15:00 on April 9, production has basically returned to normal

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