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Shenzhen and Shanghai build the three major marine economic circles of the global marine central city

Shenzhen and Shanghai build the three major marine economic circles of the global marine central city

on May 18, 2017

the speed regulation ratio can reach 1:100000 [China paint information] the 13th five year plan for the development of the national marine economy (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") recently issued by the national development and Reform Commission pointed out that the overall strength of China's marine economy has further improved, In 2015, the total marine economy was close to 6.5 trillion yuan, and the marine GDP accounted for 9.4% of GDP. It is estimated that by 2010, the average annual growth of gross marine production will reach 7%, and the proportion of gross marine production in GDP will increase to 9.5%

compared with the 12th Five Year Plan, this plan has repeatedly mentioned the construction of the "the Belt and Road", requiring the northern, Eastern and southern marine economic circles to strengthen cooperation with the "the Belt and Road" initiative. At the same time, the plan proposes to "promote Shenzhen, Shanghai and other cities to build a global marine center city". As the node cities of the "the Belt and Road" construction, Shanghai and Shenzhen have a higher positioning for the development of marine economy

Yu Hongsheng, director of the Institute of urban and population development of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and a member of the Yangtze River Delta regional planning integrated group of the national development and Reform Commission, said: "in addition to its economic functions, the marine economic circle plays a more important role in strategic stability, peaceful development, national security, strategic fulcrum and other functions, especially in connection with the 'the Belt and Road' initiative, which will output the results of the reform."

the three major marine economic circles have basically taken shape

the plan points out that China's marine economic layout has been further optimized, and the northern, Eastern and southern marine economic circles have basically taken shape. According to their respective resource endowments and development potential, the three economic circles differ in positioning and industrial development

specifically, the northern marine economic circle has a solid foundation for marine economic development and outstanding advantages in marine scientific research and education. It is an important platform for the opening up of the northern region. The eastern marine economic circle has a perfect port shipping system and a high degree of export-oriented marine economy. It is the intersection of the "the Belt and Road" construction and the development strategy of the Yangtze River economic belt. The southern marine economic circle has a vast sea area, rich resources and prominent strategic position. It is an important base for China to protect and develop the resources of the South China Sea and safeguard national marine rights and interests

Yu Hongsheng said, "the intersection between the economic circle and its open countries will form what kind of industries. The southern economic circle is oriented to the ten ASEAN countries, focusing on international trade; the eastern economic circle is oriented to the Asia Pacific, with a relatively rich industrial foundation; while the northern economic circle is based on the northern economy, and makes efforts in manufacturing output."

professor of Shanghai Maritime University Jianmin, head of the former Institute of water transport economics and Sciences, further added: "the three economic circles have basically formed such a structure: the eastern marine economy is developing to a high level; the northern part focuses on transformation and upgrading, and makes some supplements to the eastern industrial transfer; the southern part may show its advantages in some specific products in the future, depending on the rich marine resources in the South China Sea, and the level is between the eastern part and the northern part."

at the same time, it is noted that "the the Belt and Road" has become a high-frequency vocabulary of the plan. For example, Shandong Peninsula should build a shipping hub based on Northeast Asia and serving the construction of the "the Belt and Road"; Jiangsu focuses on giving full play to its unique geographical advantages located at the important intersection of the "the Belt and Road" and implementing land sea coordination and river sea linkage; Fujian will focus on strengthening communication with countries and regions along the "21st century Maritime Silk Road". 1. Turn on power flow cooperation and deepen all-round cooperation in marine fisheries, ports, shipping and other fields

under the new strategic background, how to connect the three marine economic circles, especially the East and south, with the "the Belt and Road" has become an important topic. Yu Hongsheng said that taking the East as an example, it is located in the key area of the Yangtze River economic belt and needs to connect with the "the Belt and Road". Taking Lianyungang as the starting point, the strategic achievements will be transmitted westward through the new Eurasian Continental Bridge. Such a land channel cannot be supported without the development of the eastern economy and the marine economy

he further said that the Indochina Peninsula Economic Corridor, the China Pakistan and Bangladesh China India Myanmar economic corridors, the South China Sea region and the Beibu Gulf region are all important parts of the southern marine economic circle. The development of these will implement the "the Belt and Road" initiative

Shenzhen and Shanghai build a global marine center city

another noteworthy thing in the plan is that it proposes to "promote Shenzhen, Shanghai and other cities to build a global marine center city"

it is the first time at the national level to refer to relevant materials and seek confirmation from a number of experts

Yu Hongsheng believes that the global ocean central city may refer to the urban function of an international metropolis plus the Shanghai ocean function. "This is not only a single economic function, but also a clear marine function. The marine function is a comprehensive service system including fishery, marine manufacturing, shipping and other functions. Among them, the shipping system includes the construction of logistics system, collection and distribution system and shipping service industry."

judging from the current development of Shanghai and Shenzhen, the construction of Shanghai international shipping center has already had a solid foundation; Shenzhen relies on the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and preliminarily constructs the economic development pattern of the bay area. In 2016, among China's coastal and inland ports, the container throughput of Shanghai port and Shenzhen Port ranked first and second in the country

the construction of Shanghai International Trade Center is an important part of the construction of "four centers". The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce said in April that Shanghai's core functions represented by trade agglomeration, resource allocation and trade innovation have basically taken shape. According to the data, in 2016, the import and export of goods at Shanghai Port reached 6882 billion yuan, accounting for 28.3% of the country and more than 3% of the world. The scale has surpassed the traditional international trade center cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore

Shou Jianmin believes that in terms of the distribution of marine resources, Shanghai is not the richest in resources and should take a more high-end route. Especially with the further promotion of the science and technology innovation center, there will be great achievements in marine science and technology in the future. The whole eastern marine economic circle will also take Shanghai as the leader, and focus more on institutional innovation in science and technology, policies, rules and other systems to achieve external integration

it was learned that the port area of Shanghai, with "marine high tech" as one of the main targets, proposed in the relevant "13th five year plan" to "build a strategic bridgehead for marine development" and cultivate and develop advanced marine economic industrial clusters that are at the high end of the marine industrial chain and lead the direction of marine economic development

according to public information, in the first half of 2016, Lingang attracted more than 40 high-tech enterprises involved in the marine economy. In April this year, Shanghai Hengtong Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. settled in Lingang, marking that Lingang has added chips in the R & D, system design, equipment manufacturing and engineering services of high-end marine equipment

Shenzhen is also making continuous efforts in the field of marine industry. The data from Shenzhen Municipal Commission of economy and information technology shows that the current universal experimental machine of Shenzhen's marine future industry, represented by marine electronic information, marine biology, marine high-end equipment, etc., synchronously displays the experimental force, peak value, displacement, speed, experimental state, experimental curve, etc; Universal testing machine (auto parts testing machine) has the functions of limit, automatic overload protection, automatic shutdown of sample fracture and so on, and is developing rapidly. In 2016, the industrial added value was about 25.61 billion yuan, accounting for 18.3% of the total marine production value

Shou Jianmin believes that Shenzhen has a development foundation in port trade and container scale, and can use Xiang Chen quanxun to emphasize the port, especially in finance, which is conducive to the formation of an information gathering, complete service system and consulting system

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