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Sany crane: 360 degree service guarantee system leads innovation

Sany crane: 360 degree service guarantee system leads innovation

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Guide: just after the Spring Festival of 2012, Sany crane has set off a new round of service storm. After winning the first place in service user satisfaction last year and winning the top ten marketing undertakings of China's construction machinery in 2011, Sany crane is not satisfied with the current situation, but with ten times the enthusiasm to think about what customers did not think and what the industry did not

just after the Spring Festival of 2012, Sany crane has set off a new round of service storm. After taking the first place in the service user satisfaction list last year and winning the "top ten marketing undertakings of China's construction machinery in 2011", Sany crane is not satisfied with the current situation, but with ten times the enthusiasm to think about what customers did not think and what the industry did not think, explore the precursor of service development, constantly push through the old and bring forth the new, and lead the development path of after-sales service in the industry

now, the 360 degree all-round service guarantee system has been vigorously promoted, and a new round of service Wanli travel has also started. We seem to see the smiling faces of Sany users, which are the inexhaustible driving force of service engineers

Sany crane: 360 degree service guarantee system leads innovation

2011 is a well deserved "service year" for Sany crane. At the beginning of the year, Sany crane took the lead in the industry, launching "211 service value commitment" and "311 brand value commitment"; The activity of "serving thousands of miles" was also selected into the "top ten marketing events in China's construction machinery industry in 2011". In the 2011 user satisfaction evaluation, Sany crane ranked first in terms of customer service satisfaction, exceeding the industry average score of 12.5 points

in 2012, Sany crane made persistent efforts. On the basis of its peak performance last year, Sany crane took the lead in launching the first wave of new year's service activities in the industry, launched a new 360 ° all-round service guarantee system, and opened a new round of service innovation climax for Sany crane

In February, 2011, Sany crane took the lead in launching quantitative "211" and "311" service commitments in the industry, defining new industry service standards

a promise is worth a thousand dollars. In order to fulfill the service promise, the whole staff of the crane Marketing Company mobilized and made unimaginable efforts. In 2011, 132 service parts were added nationwide, and the supply speed of parts increased significantly; At the same time, the new ECC enterprise control center has been put into operation, providing strong support for the fastest service speed; The cultivation of talents is very important. On the one hand, Sany crane has established a perfect service skill training and certification system, and trained 600 excellent all-round service engineers throughout the year. On the other hand, Sany has established six operator training schools nationwide, training nearly 1000 crane operators, and transporting a large number of available talents for customers

in 2011, Sany crane went to the sixth World War area in six ways, and invested nearly 1000 marketing service personnel and more than 500 marketing service vehicles to form an inspection team, with a journey of more than 3 million kilometers, providing free spot inspection for more than 8000 equipment all over the country; During the service period, we solved 143 leftover problems for customers, received 574 customer banners and more than 10 praise letters, achieved zero customer complaints, and received unanimous praise from our customers

on October 16, 2011, in the award list of "2011 top ten marketing events of China Construction Machinery" announced at the "Ninth Marketing Summit Forum of China Construction machinery and 2011 Annual Meeting of China Construction Machinery Agents", the "Sany crane service ten thousand miles activity" won the award with its large scale, wide scope, long duration and the successful application of innovative network communication modes such as "one promise, one thousand gold"

in the 2011 user satisfaction evaluation of the construction machinery industry initiated by the China Quality Association and the national user committee, Sany truck crane customer service satisfaction ranked first, exceeding the industry average score of 12.5 points, and sany crane service first brand is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

keep improving and build a 360 degree comprehensive service guarantee

every other year. In February, 2012, Sany crane was not satisfied with its current achievements. It comprehensively upgraded the "211" and "311" service commitments and built a 360 degree comprehensive service guarantee system, which is a more thoughtful and comprehensive one-stop service

"In order to build a 360 degree all-round service system, we first launched an upgraded version of the '211' and '311' service commitments, upgrading the warranty of large structural parts from the past two years to the current three years. In addition, before replacing the old with the new, it was repurchased at 50% of the value of three years, and now it is repurchased at 5% of the price of 6 nano powder metallurgical materials in three years, which means that after the customer bought the crane, it is still worth the price three years later, so that the customer can be guaranteed, This is a big aspect. " Wei Li, the service director of Sany crane, told me

in order to comprehensively improve the service capacity, Sany crane will make every effort to improve the service soft power of agents through the support of talents, funds, policies and so on. At the same time, Sany is also carrying out large-scale service hardware construction nationwide, supporting agents to build 40 overhaul plants, building a service network system that basically covers all counties and cities and has nearly 400 service and fitting points, and controlling the service radius within 150km; Establish the operation mode of accessories in six regions of the country, and cooperate to build six central warehouses and host logistics warehouses to fully ensure the timeliness of services and the supply of accessories

in addition, Sany also launched special services for medium and large tonnage cranes. Each medium and large tonnage crane has a special service engineer to ensure that once there is a fault, it can be handled at the first time

this year, Sany will also launch two phases of service Wanli travel activities, and the first phase has now started. Just after the Spring Festival, the crane is about to usher in a construction peak. The reason why the equipment spot inspection service, which the industry is accustomed to carrying out in June and July, is to advance it to spring, is that we hope that when the construction peak comes, Sany's equipment will be reliable and trouble free. In autumn and winter, the equipment has reached a slack period in winter. Therefore, the winter service wanlihang can provide more services and maintenance for the equipment to ensure the use efficiency of the equipment

"Sany crane's 360 degree all-round service hedging system pays more attention to the interests of customers and forms a standardized service mode. This mode makes customers feel more at ease, and realizes the maintenance and even appreciation of equipment with services, which is worthy of extensive learning and promotion in the industry." A senior industry expert said

upgrade "211" service value commitment

two guarantees: the warranty period of the whole series of products is extended to 2 years, and the warranty period of frame, turntable, boom, main valve, engine, bridge, gearbox and seven key parts is extended to 3 years

first compensation: equal compensation will be given to the shutdown faults that have not been repaired within one day

one free: labor free service within 10000 hours

upgrade "311" brand value commitment

three increases: 3 years or 6000 hours, and the value of the old machine is 65% of the original purchase

one replacement: within one month of purchase, the key components have quality problems, and the replacement is free of charge

first aid: help the "12th Five Year Plan" and train 10000 operators for the industry

electronic universal experimental machine fixture is used to fix the test object in the process of product quality testing

360 ° full service hedging system

upgrade the "211" service value commitment and "311" brand value commitment

upgrade premium services and create Sany premium service business cards with more intimate, professional and standard services

upgrade active care, rely on comprehensive spot inspection, car washing and cleaning, training and maintenance and care 99, and enhance the emotional cultivation with customers

upgrade the service resources, comprehensively enter 6S and 4S stores, increase the number of parts points to 350, and improve the service hard power with a service radius of 150 kilometers

upgrade training, fully launch 8 operator training schools, train 3000 operators annually, and fulfill the commitment of customer operator training

service Wanli trip

this service Wanli trip activity will provide five heart services including "active spot inspection, free maintenance, mine clearance action, gift bags, and family planning"

activity service team: establish a service inspection team composed of Sany crane service personnel, agent service engineers when wet air passes through the cold pipe, service station personnel, and outsourcing manufacturer service personnel to provide first-class services to customers

activity scale: in more than 100 days, more than 1000 service engineers and more than 500 service vehicles will go to the national war 6 area to provide spot inspection, repair and maintenance services for more than 10000 Sany crane equipment

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