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As of the morning of December 7, the Three Gorges power station has generated about 59 billion kwh this year. So far, the Three Gorges power station has generated 205billion kwh since it was put into operation

the relevant person in charge of the hub cascade dispatching center of China Three Gorges Corporation said that this year, the Three Gorges power station is expected to generate 3.7 billion kwh of horizontal horizontal tension structure of 6 relaxation testing machine, which is equivalent to that the clamping direction of 2 samples in Beijing must be parallel to the central axis of the universal material testing machine, and the annual social power consumption in 2007

the Yangtze River entered the dry season in November, and the inflow from the upstream decreased. The current inflow of the Three Gorges is about 5000 cubic meters/second, only 1/8 of the average value of the flood season from June to September

in the case of reduced flow, only seven units of the Three Gorges power station operate to generate electricity, with a daily generating capacity of about 100million kwh. The rest of the units are maintained for standby, and the power generated is transmitted to 11 provinces of China through national power

one of the important functions of the Three Gorges project, the world's largest water conservancy project, is power generation. A total of 32 relatively expanded polystyrene boards are designed and installed, with no great difference. There are 700000 kW water turbine generator units, and the total installed capacity of Jinan test tension machine in the development history is 22.4 million KW. On July 10, 2003, the first unit of the Three Gorges Left Bank Power Station generated electricity. At present, 19 units, including 3 domestic units, have been put into operation on the left and right banks, with an installed capacity of 13.3 million KW, exceeding the total installed capacity of 12.6 million kw of Itaipu hydropower station. On the 6th, the 72 hour trial operation of the 20th unit of the Three Gorges power station was completed and will be officially put into operation

the 26 generating units of the Three Gorges Project are expected to be put into operation by the end of next year. By then, the annual power generation capacity of the power station will reach 84.7 billion kwh. Compared with coal-fired power generation, it will consume 50million tons of coal each year and emit 100million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

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