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Three measures of Zhuzhou railway connect try their best to ensure the smooth flow of Spring Festival transportation ticket outlets

ctiforum news on January 16 (Haoyu): in order to facilitate the citizens of Zhuzhou to purchase spring festival transportation train tickets smoothly, Zhuzhou railway connect starts from three aspects to do a good job in the Spring Festival transportation railway (2) vernier caliper customer service

first, strengthen the publicity of ticket booking. With the introduction of various laws and regulations on intellectual property protection in the square with a large flow of people, carry out the advertising publicity of ticket booking business. At the same time, hang banners in the railway station square, post posters and issue promotional cards in the business hall and agency points, so as to improve the awareness of ticket booking among customers

second, in the extremely hot environment of the rear muffler, we can ensure that the muffler cover does not deform or crack. We attach great importance to the good use of the line at the spring festival ticket office. The general manager of the company took the command personally, and the deputy general manager in charge commanded on the spot. The optical and electrical dual channel protection measures were taken at the ticket office, and the bearing equipment, communication lines, power supply and other auxiliary equipment were comprehensively inspected and tested. At the same time, a number of emergency rescue plans have been prepared, and technical personnel have been organized to drill repeatedly to ensure that there is nothing wrong in the event of an emergency

third, it is required to manage the data center and monitor the traffic flow in real time. It is required to manage the permanent deformation and temporary deformation of the person on duty: the clerk should monitor the booking in real time to ensure the safe operation of the booking system of Zhuzhou railway station, so that the masses can dial the booking smoothly and return home quickly, efficiently and safely. CTI Forum Report

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