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Sany crane incarnate "extreme swing"

Guide: help the world high-altitude adventure king. On April 29, the window of the world in Changsha staged the ultimate challenge of the 100 meter extreme swing. Chinese national rock climbing captain Zhong Qixin and spider man Camille from Canada won the crown of the world high-altitude Adventure king with a leap height of 47.3 meters

On April 29, the window of the world in Changsha staged the ultimate challenge of the "100 meter limit swing". Chinese national rock climbing captain Zhong Qixin and Canadian "Spider Man" kemil won the title of "world high-altitude adventure king" with a leap height of 47.3 meters

in this thrilling challenge attracting worldwide attention, Sany crane incarnated as "extreme swing" - with a vertical height of 100 meters, equivalent to 33 floors. Its safe and stable performance helped the contestants feel at ease and won the applause of the on-site audience

there are many dangers, competing for the "king of high-altitude adventure"

corona arch is the most famous scenic spot in the Grand Canyon of the United States, and the straight-line distance with a vertical height of more than 50 meters is daunting. Once a group of adventurers jumped with only one outdoor rock climbing rope and completed the world's most thrilling swing challenge

on April 29, seven of the world's top extreme sports masters, with their own super courage and extraordinary skills, staged a peak duel in the window of the world park in Changsha, Hunan, to challenge the "100 meter extreme swing". The height of the challenge is twice the world record of corona arch, and the degree of danger is much higher than before

the swing used in this competition is composed of a Sany 220 ton crane, which extends the boom to a vertical height of 100 meters, which is equivalent to the ultimate swing of 33 floors high. The Challenger tied a rock climbing rope, jumped from another 50 meter high Sany 75 ton truck crane, jumped over the water and swung to the opposite side. Through the control of his own center of gravity, he repeatedly swung and jumped, gradually increasing the leap height of the swing, and finally completed the challenge of the world's largest distance of 100 meters

China's national rock climbing referee Xi Tang, world rock climbing speed champion Zhong Qixin, parkour Fan Wei Lai, Hong Kong Climbing Open champion he Shanhui, Canadian Vancouver ice and snow Climbing Festival champion kemil, American extreme rock climber Sean and forest ecologist William m formed a strong challenge lineup

after the soul stirring competition, Zhong Qixin and "Spider Man" kemil tied for the first place with a leap height of 47.3 meters; Extreme athletes Zhang Liang and Zhao Wei temporarily decided to form a double jump combination and jointly set a maximum score of 47.7 meters

extend the boom, and sany crane incarnates into a 100 meter "extreme swing"

the "100 meter Jinan gold testing experimental machine can be mainly divided into two large-scale meter extreme swing" air competition was held on the civilized lake of the window of the world large-scale theme cultural park in Changsha. According to the requirements of the competition, the crane needs to extend the boom to the center of the lake, extend the main boom, cooperate with the tower arm, and hang the rock climbing rope to form an extreme swing with a vertical height of 100 meters, equivalent to 33 floors

according to the introduction, after many simulations of the competition, Hunan Jingshi finally selected the Sany 5 Bridge 220 ton all terrain crane, which has an ultra long boom of 103.5 meters, with a minimum transition range of about 10 meters, and excellent operation performance

"the trafficability of this large equipment is very good, and the driving skills of the equipment operators are very skilled. Otherwise, it is a problem to walk easily in our park. The higher the station ranking is", when talking about the entry of equipment, the program group has a deep memory

Sany crane won applause for its superior and stable performance. Major mainstream media around the world also spoke highly of these two powerful guys, saying that they "defended the smooth progress of the air hegemony race with excellent performance."

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