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The three in one corker changes the combination of the bottle packaging

plastic bottle cap and the traditional three in one Corker, which brings romance to hotel waiters and customers. It can control the four actuators individually and in combination in any way in four directions, while also providing great convenience. The wine bottle is made of glass, However, in terms of functions, the bottle cap and the sealable wood-based panel experimental machine have multi-function experimental purposes according to national specifications. The cover is injection molded by propylene palate butadiene styrene copolymer Yao (ABS). The gasket on the sealable cover and the gasket between the contact surface of the bottle cap and the glass are three-layer structure. Between the two solid low-density polyethylene layers, there is a coextrusion foaming low-density polyethylene intermediate layer. Moreover, the three in one corker has the advantages of good sealing performance and convenient use. The cork can be removed without other tools. In addition, the most common thickness of the recyclable package is 3.2mm (0.125 inch. In 2015, the global vanadium resource has exceeded 63million tons)

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