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Yuhang Tianyi R & D intelligent warm fabric

recently, it was learned from Beijing Yuhang Tianyi superconducting technology research institute that the domestic first intelligent memory "yunengbo" warm underwear series and home textile series products developed by yaoyongli, President of the Institute and director of the intelligent Aerospace suit R & D Center, and the expert team will be grandly launched in August

"universal wave" series products adopt the national invention patent "temperature superconducting intelligent memory function fabric", which has passed the preliminary examination. The fabric is a double-sided structure fabric with heat conduction and memory function on one side and moisture absorption and memory function on the other side, which is made by special textile technology

For example,

it is understood that at present, only three enterprises in the world - Teijin Corporation of Japan, Rhone Poulenc company of France and Beijing Aerospace Tianyi Superconducting Technology Research Institute of China have mastered the core technology of "thermal warmth and moisture absorption". This product is a healthy underwear with ten outstanding functions, such as intelligent memory temperature superconducting function, continuous warmth, sweating and non stick to the body. Otherwise, it will run the material energy. When the human body is sweating, the fabric will become a three-dimensional structure bulge. Through the concave convex change, the sweat will be superconducting to the outside within a few seconds, so that the paste can be tested according to the needs of the flexible packaging film and the body side is required to be dry; Through practice and inspection by China Textile Research Institute, it has good antibacterial and deodorizing effect. Under normal circumstances, it will not be changed for 30 days without peculiar smell; Underwear dries quickly, After washing in summer, it is dumped by the washing machine "The micro moistening tube can be worn when it is buried underground and dried. After being washed for more than 200 times, it has no effect on the moisture absorption function and bacteriostasis function of thermal superconductivity. In addition, the bedding of home textile series products is warm without clothes under the condition of minus 30 degrees Celsius and without any external heat source, so that the human body absolutely does not feel cold.

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