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SP business turned into a "middle" opportunity for Shanzhai manufacturers

from SP to middleware platform providers, this group of mobile Internet entrepreneurs who still targeted Shanzhai users began to bid farewell to the good time of "making quick money", but changed their thinking to do business: starting from user needs, they well coordinated the cooperation between upstream and downstream parties, And began to think that the core of products has played a very important role in promoting the development of new material industry

from s2 Jinan Shijin transmission system: the p-turn middleware platform business is composed of reducer, precision roller screw pair and guide part. This group of mobile Internet entrepreneurs who still target the target group of Shanzhai users began to bid farewell to the good time of "making fast money", but changed their thinking to do business: starting from the needs of users, they well coordinated the cooperation between upstream and downstream parties, and began to think about the core competitiveness of products

middleware "hidden rules"

"now it's completely necessary to change a set of ideas in doing business." Huang Jie (a pseudonym) put down his crossed legs and bowed his head to tidy up a bunch of new striped shirts, with a solemn expression. In the newly decorated office, the scene of employees working hard outside the glass wall is no different from the IT industry enterprises in this area. Cosmetics and wine packaging

this young man who has been walking in Shenzhen for many years has actually been living a good life. In Huang's words, "step on the right spot". At the beginning of the 21st century, he experienced the golden age of SP (service provider) and profited from it; When operators renovated SP in 2006, Huang Jie's company quickly transformed into a "domestic" with explosive growth - mostly providing middleware platforms for "Shanzhai machines", with an annual pre installed volume of 10 million units

especially recently, he was excited by the news that scaylor was about to go to NASDAQ

"these are actually minorities!" Huang Jie pointed to the iPhone on his desk and included the brand of Android platform in this category. Although the current iPhone Appstore and a ndroidm arket have ignited the passion of mobile Internet entrepreneurs flocking in, in Huang Jie's eyes, even MTK or Spreadtrum, which has "stagnated growth", still occupies the bottom of the largest and strongest user pyramid in China, according to a recent widely circulated article. According to Analysys International, non intelligent, which accounted for 64.2% of the national market share in 2009, will still account for about 60% of the market by 2013

for Huang Jie, this is a market that he will never give up easily. "There are tens of millions of units shipped every year." Through the "middleware" developed by Huang Jie's team, a complete mobile industry chain is presented: Shanzhai mechanism manufacturers and Shanzhai machine solution designers are the pre installed channels of middleware, hundreds of SPS provide billing channels for their value-added services, while CP (content provider) and the plug-ins such as games, music and video developed by Huang Jie provide users with a continuous stream of consumer content

Huang Jie said that the pre installation channel of Shanzhai machines mastered by the company can guarantee the pre installation of nearly 10 million units per year. SKYWORTH has about 18million pre installed channels every year (according to the prospectus)

but the competition is fierce. Huang Jie said that a "domestic" machine may be pre installed with middleware from different companies. In his experience, the Shanzhai machine manufacturer with an annual output of 200000 sets is a good scale, which means that Huang Jie needs to maintain the relationship with hundreds of Shanzhai machine manufacturers to maintain his pre installed quantity of tens of millions of sets

"charter flights (one-time pre installed fees to manufacturers or scheme designs) are out of date, and now follow-up user fee sharing is popular." Huang Jie said confidently, "in this mode, the main thing is to look at the hard indicators. The previous income figures are there. They (Shanzhai mechanism manufacturers or scheme designers) will not throw you into the secondary menu because of one-time charter flights." What's more, some Shanzhai machine manufacturers directly reserve a "shortcut key" on the keyboard for Huang Jie's middleware

companies such as Huang Jie have no choice but to open the background data of user charges for Shanzhai mechanism manufacturers or scheme designers, and maintain the cooperative relationship between them with the bottom line of "transparency and win-win"

"doing the same thing"

however, in this industry, as many as hundreds of middleware platforms such as Huang Jie are grabbing the Shanzhai interface. With the high homogeneity of applications and content between each other, and the high frequency of Shanzhai machine users and number changes, it is noted that such a middleware is not about any user stickiness

Huang Jie did not take this problem into account. How to stick to users, so as to have more say in the industrial chain of CP, SP, Shanzhai mechanism manufacturers and scheme designers? Moreover, once giants such as Tencent and telecom operators enter this field openly, it will be no less than a disaster for them. At present, Tencent q-service is poised to launch in this market

therefore, Huang Jie combed the applications on this platform. In his view, the more applications, the better. Instead, we should seize a killer vertical application and make it to the extreme. "In the field, text, pictures, audio and video are just tools. The key depends on where they are used."

Huang Jie chose music download. He even began to sign cooperation agreements with major record companies to improve users' enthusiasm for downloading genuine music. Companies that "made" the Phoenix Legend portfolio are their favorite partners. In the process of downloading music, users realize the deduction of phone charges through the channel of SP and the settlement channel of operators. The first two share more than 30% of the profits, and the rest is shared by Huang Jie, music copyright company and Shanzhai mechanism manufacturer (or scheme designer). In this middleware, users' stickiness is maintained through the old routine of user registration and friend recommendation. Southern Metropolis Daily

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