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Soymilk packaging should also keep up with the development of the market

compared with the dazzling range of dairy products and their renovated packaging on the market, the variety and packaging of soymilk are relatively monotonous. As an excellent plant egg composite material, its development is inseparable from the development of utilization field and related industries. The preservation of soybean milk nutritional components is closely related to the disinfection and packaging of products. Paying attention to the packaging of soybean milk products will also play a positive role in the promotion of products. It is understood that at present, soymilk in plastic bags is more common in the market. Due to the conventional disinfection method, it can not be preserved for a long time even in the cold storage environment; Nutrients are easily popular. At present, the world's advanced manufacturers use brick type aseptic packaging technology. The instantaneous ultra-high temperature sterilization method used by them can not only kill bacteria, but also make the nutritional components in soymilk fully welcome. Vitasoy milk uses this advanced packaging technology to ensure that its products are kept fresh for half a year under normal temperature, and can effectively prevent the influence of light on the nutrition and original flavor of soymilk, maintaining a good taste and nutritional value

in Europe and the United States, with the deepening of people's research on plant protein food and the improvement of their nutritional structure, the need for the performance of composite materials in use has decreased, and the price of soymilk has increased steadily, even reaching twice the price of milk in the United States. It is said that Jianlibao will also produce soymilk in the United States. China is one of the countries that first recognized the nutritional value of soybeans. While vigorously developing the milk industry, we should also pay attention to the industrialization of soymilk products, Efforts should be made in brand and packaging to facilitate the development of soybean, a good food resource

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