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Soybean based aldehyde free adhesive brings you real "green"

on March 27, the industrialization project of soybean based aldehyde free plywood adhesive completed by Zhu Jin research team of polymer Business Department of Ningbo Institute of material technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences passed the expert appraisal. This formaldehyde free adhesive with soybean as raw material can not only avoid the pain of formaldehyde pollution in decoration boards, but also a powerful "weapon" for the furniture industry to deal with the green barriers in Europe and the United States

four years ago, when visiting a plywood enterprise, Dr. Zhu Jin, who was studying in the United States, saw that workers could not open their eyes because of formaldehyde containing adhesives in the workshop. He was very touched, so he began to study formaldehyde free wood adhesives. Inspired by his memory of making rice flour paste as a child, he found a production method of aldehyde free adhesive based on soybeans. The adhesive does not use formaldehyde, and the production and processing process is simple. There is no emission problem of "industrial three wastes" of waste gas, waste water and waste residue. It is a real green, environmental protection and healthy adhesive

on March 26 last year, the Ningbo Institute of materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a cooperation agreement with Ningbo Bayi Investment Holding Co., Ltd. by the end of 2016, and jointly established Zhongke Bayi new materials company to industrialize the research results of soybean based aldehyde free wood adhesives. In July last year, after Zhongke Bayi successfully produced the first commercial board produced with soybean based aldehyde free adhesive in the pilot test base, Zhejiang rabbit baby company, one of the leading enterprises in decoration board, immediately sent an order to them. Last December, the first batch of 30 cubic meters of formaldehyde free plywood produced with soybean based formaldehyde free adhesive was exported to the United States. After just one year's efforts, the project has successfully completed the construction of pilot base - pilot test of achievements - the whole process of commercial production of products, the lower end of the screw rod is equipped with a ball socket and upper pressing plate, and the application. Related products have been used and responded well by many users, including a multinational company in the United States, and have received a large number of orders

at present, Ningbo Zhongke Bayi new materials Co., Ltd. is building a standard automatic formaldehyde free adhesive production line with an annual output of 20000 tons and a standard formaldehyde free plywood production line. It is reported that this machine is mainly used for stretching, tightening, bending and shearing of metal materials. The formaldehyde free plywood adhesive will officially enter the mass production stage next month

"at present, developed countries in Europe and the United States are strictly restricting the formaldehyde emission of plywood in the furniture decoration industry, which is a severe test for China's furniture export enterprises. Plywood produced with soybean based formaldehyde free adhesive can fully meet the highest standard of E0 international formaldehyde emission limit, and is not afraid of the green barriers in Europe and the United States." Said xuyizhong, chairman of Zhongke Bayi new materials Co., Ltd

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