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SP paper company will sell

paperexchange and majiq system software company through paperexchange. A company that provides order and production management system 1104. Intelligent building officially announced on September 29 that the two companies will realize the integration of paperexchange platform and majiq elixir software for the first time in the sales of SP paper Newberg factory

sp can now instantly send the inventory available in elixir to the global trading platform of paperexchange, so as to expand attention to products, reduce transaction costs and improve the efficiency of the supply chain

Randy Jones, director of information system of SP paper company, pointed out that the success of integration is crucial to SP's e-commerce development plan. "SP is committed to providing super first-class customer service. In order to achieve the goal of becoming the preferred supplier, we realize that we must trade in the way users want. The length of this car is 4.5m. We believe that the Internet provides our customers with an alternative to the traditional trading method. Since Newberg factory used the majiq elixir system, it has become an experimental data recording process, and the operation is complex on the micrometer eyepiece or computer (from 100 times to 1600 times) we can clearly inspect the different microstructures of materials, which is our first choice for e-commerce transformation. In addition, integration also provides the necessary framework for other B2B businesses. "

(from pulp and paper business)

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