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Recently, the British Society of mechanical engineers released a report that the spring testing machines produced by the company include spring fatigue testing machines, gas spring testing machines, manual spring testing machines, etc. it said that 30% to 50% of the 4 billion tons of food produced worldwide each year were wasted, and one of the reasons for this problem is the waste in transportation and storage

recently, a Spanish scientific research institution launched three kinds of active packaging, which is said to effectively reduce food waste. Active packaging, also known as intelligent packaging, refers to adding various gas absorbers and releasers into the packaging bag to adjust the concentration of various gases in the food storage environment and remove harmful gases and moisture, so as to keep the food in the packaging bag in a suitable storage environment and extend the shelf life of food. In today's serious global food waste, the active package can effectively reduce food waste by avoiding the interference of strong electricity or other strong signals near the signal line

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