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Last week, the adjustment trend of spandex market

last week, the domestic spandex market showed a stable and loose adjustment trend under the gradual widening gap between supply and demand. On the supply side of spandex, despite the restart of some enterprises or the continuous low-cost listing of the supply sources of newly opened devices, the actual demand growth on the purchase side is significantly lower than that of the start-up increment pattern of spandex plants, and the edges of the separation surface of laboratory machine parts and components of many manufacturers' warehouse 2 should be marked with a symmetrical increase, as well as the buyers' requirements for the purchase of spandex during the decline of main textile materials, and forced some enterprises to slightly reduce the supply of poor sales, Some regional trading centers fell slightly; Although the domestic sales order volume of the weaving industry is relatively stable, the continuous emergence of a small amount of demand for export sales, mainly in the Americas, and the continuous launch of the production of conventional inventory finished products after the arrival of employees in many enterprises, supported the slow rise of the start-up of the whole production surface, and made many buyers' early inventory digestion close to the end, which promoted the recent slight increase in the turnover of spandex in some domestic markets; However, the actual total number of orders received in the weaving industry is still weak, and the buyers' psychological expectations for the subsequent operation of their own terminals are insufficient, especially the weakening of the supply market of the continuously increasing spandex production surface, resulting in the basic purchase operation is still cautious, small orders are on demand, etc., and the actual trading atmosphere is still biased, which requires the testing experiment of the manufacturer to be weak in synchronization with the production. However, the cost of spandex rose again in March, which strengthened the business intention to maintain stability again, but supported the basic shipping market to continue to climb to the previous level

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