The hottest spa standard was further determined

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Spa standard further determines

since the "five-star" certification standard for carton enterprises launched by SPA (SPA, shee Jinfa Technology) in 2001, it has quickly become the authoritative quality standard for British carton processing enterprises. UK carton processing enterprises all hope to obtain the "best" certification in five key areas related to their production and operation, including customer relations, employee relations, health and safety, quality and hygiene, and relations with suppliers. After the success of the "five-star" certification standard, the standard has now been adopted by the National Packaging Council (NPC) and is applicable to all NPC member enterprises. What is the effect of the first implementation of Tim gray, vice chairman of spa? Recently, Sheng confirmed: "we are very happy that the 'five-star' certification has won the support of the national packaging Commission. It can also be used to study the fatigue and wear properties of various metallic and non-metallic materials. This will ensure the effective time of the certification and attract more companies to participate."

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