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Space reflective thermal insulation paint is put into production in Beijing

space reflective thermal insulation paint is put into production in Beijing

July 27, 2004

a new thin-layer thermal insulation material, space reflective thermal insulation paint, has recently been put into production by Beijing fangneng langtaoke bending testing machine common faults Daquan Technology Co., Ltd

in the 1990s, the design of NASA was completely simplified according to Timken's model. In order to solve the heat transfer control problem of space vehicles, NASA scientists developed a space thermal insulation ceramic layer. This material is composed of some tiny ceramic particles suspended in inert latex, and has high reflectivity, high emissivity, low thermal conductivity, low heat storage coefficient and other thermal properties. After more than three years of hard exploration, challenge and innovation, the scientific and technological personnel of Beijing Guobang technology development center took the lead in developing a new thin-layer heat insulation material with independent intellectual property rights space reflective heat insulation coating in China by learning from the technical ideas of foreign products and combining the national conditions. The performance index of the coating is higher than that of similar foreign products, and the production cost is only about 1/5 of that of foreign products

At the same time, it meets two standards and is favored.

space reflective insulation coating takes high-quality lotion as the film-forming material, uses ultra-fine hollow ceramic foam known as the material of the space age as the filler, and the film is made of hollow ceramsite multi-level combination and arrangement. First, it highly reflects the visible light and solar heat in the near-infrared region in the nm range; At the same time, an air microporous layer with extremely low thermal conductivity is introduced into the film to block the heat transfer. In this way, by strengthening the reflected solar heat and the significant impedance of heat transfer "expressed by Cai Jinwang, the radiant heat transfer and convective heat transfer can be effectively reduced, so as to reduce the heat balance temperature of the object surface, which can reduce the roof temperature by up to 20 ℃ and the indoor temperature by 5 ℃ -10 ℃. Because the paint takes water as the dilution medium and does not contain volatile organic solvents, it has reached the level of "zero" harm to people and the environment. According to the different use places of building roofs, external walls, grain depots, cold storages, storage tanks, containers, pipelines, ships, tents and so on, water-based silicone acrylic insulation paint, water-based fluorocarbon insulation paint and fabric specific insulation paint are developed and introduced accordingly

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