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Bayer materials technology shows innovative and customized polycarbonate solutions the 2010 China rubber and plastic exhibition will be held in Shanghai from April 19 to 22. Bayer materials technology warmly welcomes you to the Bayer booth. Bayer materials science and technology will focus on the cold-rolled strip blank, which is an innovative ldquo; San Antonio small mill method TM rdquo; (sanantoniomicromillltmflowpath) shows the challenges we face today and determine our future development, and shows the latest version of the company's solutions in the mobile field of lightweight, future life, intelligent technology, sustainable development and other broad fields that can be downloaded at any time

in the mobile field, the trend of lightweight also means fuel saving. In the mobile lightweight area of the booth, in addition to the originality of the layout of the area, you will also enjoy the concept car "I-mode" which is unveiled in China for the first time. This car vividly illustrates the customized polycarbonate solution of Bayer materials technology in the automotive industry. The "I-mode" concept car, from its prototype, to the realization of the design concept, to how to use reasonable technology, and finally to the perfect use of materials, embodies the painstaking efforts of Bayer materials technology and Hyundai Motor Company. This concept car has 11 windows made of high-performance polycarbonate material. It can be seen that the performance of the tensile testing machine is very powerful. The design requirements are difficult to achieve for glass materials. The material greatly reduces the total weight of the vehicle, thereby reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions

another highlight of the exhibition is the future living area. The fashionable "street lamp" of LED (LED) will take you into the future life. Bayer Material Technology's LED solution will become a new star in the lighting industry in 2013 and 2014. Led solutions can store energy, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and provide freedom of design while maintaining sustainability, even in the face of severe outdoor challenges

China rubber and plastic exhibition has always been a platform for Bayer materials science and technology to show innovation, which also verifies Bayer materials science and technology's unswerving commitment to the slogan of "science and technology create a better life" and better realize a sustainable future with innovative and intelligent technology

let Bayer materials technology cooperate with you to jointly deal with the main challenges facing mankind and achieve sustainable development

Bayer materials technology booth information:

time: April 19-22, 2010

location: Shanghai New International Expo Center, W3 hall, booth G01

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