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The Four Horsemen? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Shell shocked, shattered and sickened – that sums up for me this dreadful year which is now finally ending. Surely 2021 must be better? That is what we all hope, but it is time then to step back and evaluate the economic, personal and political carnage that this awful 12 months has left us with.

All New Years start off such enthusiasmSports and other recreational activities, elation and optimismcan operate based on regional restrictions.. This glorious mood though, as most of us will recallNews Today || Canada News |, soon dissipates as the alcoholic haze begins to clear:1640034537592,. Last year gave us four key issues to attempt to manage or at least control, and now we see the result.

The first was the pathetic last year in office of President Donald Trump. As I write this, we will still not know the full effect of his disastrous regime as there will no doubt be continuing aftershocks as he is finally ejected from The White House (probably leaving scratched nail marks on the door). Trump was not just a grifter carrying on in the only way a narcissist understands; he was potentially far more dangerous in the handling of the United States’ security, and especially its strengths, in intelligence and military. This will probably take many months to play out before we can see the real damage done:1618223621132,, and just what sort of “hold” that Russian President Vladimir Putin had over him, if indeed he does.

He had inherited an economy already doing well after having been brought back to some fitness after the banking crisis in 2008. This recovery was down to the solid actions of both the Federal Reserve and the Obama presidency. Trump’s tax cuts primarily benefitted large corporates and wealthier citizens, and actually served only to stoke up an economy that was already showing signs of overheating. It was very likely moving towards some form of economic slowdown and even recession. If you fly too highMeanwhile: Hundreds of people gathered in Old Montréal Sunday in defiance of a new 8 p.m. curfew., too far and too fast, at some stage you too will fall.

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