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Crisis management of label printing enterprises

enterprises are economic entities with independent accounting and responsible for their own profits and losses. It is an indisputable fact in the business community that those who make profits survive and those who make losses decline. In the fierce market competition, between profit and loss, pregnant with danger and opportunity, how to face it will test every "signer". Since the "9.11" incident in the United States and the "SARS" incident in China, both governments and enterprises have a new understanding of crisis management

the importance of printing industry research on crisis management

since the reform and opening up, China's label printing enterprises have mushroomed rapidly, and the sharp expansion in quantity will inevitably lead to the formation of an oversupply market. This has caused the potential crisis to lurk and wander in the label printing enterprises. Every outbreak of it may bring down an enterprise. At present, in the label printing industry, the number of state-owned or collective enterprises is rapidly decreasing, replaced by private and joint-stock enterprises; Most of this situation belongs to normal enterprise restructuring, and some are the inevitable result of the outbreak of enterprise crisis. Facing the increasingly fierce competition, the study of the formation of enterprise crisis, the prevention, control and disposal of crisis has become one of the important tasks of enterprise managers

there have been crisis events since ancient times

a crisis can bring down a government, a tribe and an enterprise. When science is not yet developed, human beings often deal with crises in a superstitious way, begging for the protection of gods to keep human beings away from disasters; With the development of science and technology, on the one hand, human beings' ability to understand and transform the world and resist crises is gradually increasing. On the other hand, human beings are facing more and more crises in the social and economic fields. Political opposition, economic competition, contradictions, oppositions and conflicts between countries, between enterprises, between people, and between people and the environment will all lead to crises. Serious difficulties. Some crisis management researchers have separated the word crisis into danger and opportunity. Chinese crisis management research experts made the following statements in the book "crisis management: the choice to deal with emergencies": "Crisis refers to the intensification of internal contradictions of things due to the accumulation of quantitative changes. Things are about to undergo qualitative changes and qualitative changes have occurred but are not stable. This qualitative change has brought serious harm to organizations or individuals. In order to prevent the occurrence of qualitative changes or reduce the damage caused by qualitative changes, it is necessary to make decisions and actions immediately in the case of time constraints, lack of human and financial resources and insufficient information."

the crisis sources of label printing enterprises can be divided into two aspects: one is external to the enterprise, and the other is internal to the enterprise. External factors of the enterprise include: disasters caused by natural disasters, crises caused by social factors, difficulties caused by changes in the technological environment, etc. For example, Tangshan label factory once encountered a crisis caused by the "Tangshan earthquake", with personnel loss of about 1/3 and asset loss of about 1/2. Since then, its vitality has been greatly damaged. Enterprises that mainly produce flat dyeing signs and traditional corrosion signs are bound to be constrained by environmental protection under the new environmental protection conditions, and are likely to encounter the crisis of market shrinkage, production restriction and shutdown. The internal factors of the enterprise include: the crisis in the production process, the crisis caused by improper human resource management, the crisis caused by improper financial management, and the crisis caused by market competition. The crisis caused by external factors of the enterprise is variable and uncontrollable. This paper omits for the time being, and the crisis caused by internal factors of the enterprise should be paid enough attention to

1. crisis in the production process

enterprises cannot produce without means of production. Explosives are used to open mountains, sulfur is also used to make firecrackers, and chemical materials are inseparable from the production of signs, etc; The products produced by the enterprise also need to be properly kept, especially chemical materials, flammable and explosive products, etc; In the production process, abnormal damage and improper use may lead to explosion, environmental pollution and other crises. The use of ferric chloride/copper sulfate rotten plate process, electroplating oxidation process, plastic electroplating, metal electroplating process, etc. in the production process of China's label printing enterprises will pollute the environment, which requires supporting and improving environmental protection facilities. At present, the investment in environmental protection of printed signs is generally small, and there are many problems, especially some small-scale enterprises still produce by direct emission. Today, when the whole society is focusing on environmental protection, any mistake in wastewater discharge may lead to a crisis of environmental protection

in 2004, China's major accidents in production safety continued to sound the alarm bell of production safety to people again and again. At present, the production scale of label printing enterprises is constantly expanding, and the equipment used is constantly increasing, and the hidden dangers of safety should not be underestimated. In label printing enterprises, punching machine finger eating accidents, people involved in rotten board machine accidents, scalding accidents, injection molding machine hand pressing accidents, etc. occur from time to time. It is reported that an employee of an enterprise operated on an injection molding machine, and the accidental closing of the mold (the reason is unknown) caused the accident of five fingers being broken. The medical expenses and accident handling expenses cost nearly 200000 yuan. If such an accident occurs in a small-scale enterprise, an accident will cause the enterprise to have a crisis and even lead to bankruptcy. Therefore, the leaders of sign printing enterprises must not underestimate the safety production problem. If they ignore it a little, the crisis will bring endless disasters

product quality is the lifeblood of enterprises, and quality claims are nothing new in label printing enterprises. It is reported that the label enterprises in the industry have been claiming for compensation for quality problems every year when supplying labels to automobile manufacturers, and even fined tens of thousands of yuan at a time. If the trust crisis caused by product quality is not handled properly, it can completely bring down an enterprise

2. Crisis caused by improper human resource management

people are the primary factor in the three elements of an enterprise, and the establishment and development of an enterprise cannot be separated from people. Establishing a high-quality talent team is an important condition for label printing enterprises to win in the market competition. In the talent chain of enterprises, senior leaders play a decisive role. The job hopping of senior leaders often leads to the crisis of enterprises

after the label printing industry changed from a special industry to an ordinary processing industry, dozens of senior leaders of state-owned and collectively owned label printing enterprises have changed jobs or resigned to set up private similar enterprises. In some enterprises with weak business foundation, the job hopping of senior leaders or the establishment of sign printing enterprises in the same city have a great impact on the original enterprises. Of course, there are many reasons for the high-level leaders' job hopping or resignation of the enterprise, but whether it is the high-level, middle-level or salesperson Sida's recommendation reason: the resignation and job hopping that meet all the standards of waterproof coiled materials are related to the small environment of the original enterprise and the improper management of human resources of the enterprise. Due to the characteristics of low investment, low technology content and quick launch, the loss of business, the loss of talents, and the disclosure of new technologies, new materials and new processes are undoubtedly making things worse for old enterprises, ranging from the decline of economic benefits to the collapse of new enterprises

team spirit is very important in the development process of enterprises. In order to create a harmonious small environment conducive to the growth of all kinds of talents, label printing enterprises must work hard on understanding, caring, cultivating, educating and helping people. Don't think that the privatization of enterprises will solve everyone's problems. After privatization, business owners can freely hire employees under the constraints of national regulations; But at the same time, the employees of the enterprise also have the right to choose "the old domestic new energy vehicle market is still guided by policy subsidies". Operators who print signs should pay attention to the psychological feelings of employees working in the enterprise. People's patience is limited after all. If our human resource management is not handled properly for a long time, it is easy to cause employee strikes or collective job hopping of professional technicians, salespersons and skilled workers. Such incidents have been very common in foreign business circles. With the reform of Chinese enterprise ownership, such problems will also occur in China's label printing industry

3. Crisis caused by improper financial management

capital is the blood of enterprises, and the quality of capital turnover is related to the normal operation of enterprises. The fund management of industrial enterprises in China is mostly managed by the financial department of enterprises, which is included in the scope of financial management. However, the irrational intervention of enterprise managers in fund management often leads to the ineffective capital turnover of enterprises. Recently, the share price of panda Co., Ltd. fell sharply, and its main subsidiaries guaranteed hundreds of millions of yuan in violation of regulations, which made it difficult for enterprises to operate their funds, and investors lost confidence in it. During the period when the government directly controlled the enterprises, some enterprises with better benefits in the industry were ordered by the competent department to guarantee the loan funds of other enterprises; Some allow enterprise leaders to guarantee human relations or make profits; Some of these enterprises were dragged into the mire of "funds being hacked", and missed a great opportunity for enterprise development. In particular, the sudden freezing of funds and the transfer of a large number of book production liquidity, ranging from production decline to shutdown paralysis

excellent financial management is the management that can continuously improve the capital and credit of enterprises and form a network function that can not only generate blood, but also transfuse blood. The development of enterprises, especially the jumping development, is inseparable from the introduction of external funds. Whether before or after the introduction of funds, the capital and credit of enterprises are the guarantee of the blood flow of funds. Due to improper financial management, the capital and credit of enterprises will decline, which may also lead to a crisis of trust inside and outside the enterprise. Lack of credit makes it impossible for new funds to flow in, and the original materialized funds have to be converted and recovered. The more credit problems, the greater the problem, the greater the possibility of causing a crisis, and the more serious the consequences after the crisis. The operators of sign printing enterprises must not underestimate the financial and credit problems of enterprises. We cannot pursue personal enjoyment and earn face. We should prefer to lose face rather than lose credit

4. Crisis caused by market competition

market competition, survival of the fittest, which is a universal law in the business community. Market competition includes price competition, quality competition, marketing means competition, and new products replacing old products competition. As a sign printing enterprise, we should have the market competition consciousness of "holding a product in our hands, carrying a product in our bags, staring at a product with our eyes and thinking of a product in our minds". At that time, Watt invented the steam engine and Edison invented the electric light, but it "suffered" the enterprises that produce kerosene lamps. The industrial revolution caused by the emergence of cross era products will inevitably lead to the crisis of market competition for conservative enterprises, as well as label printing enterprises. Nowadays, the demand for traditional flat dyed signs has been shrinking, and stamped metal badges are shrinking with the passage of "the years of personal worship"; The cycle of new products replacing old products in the label market is accelerating. The plastic signs used in the automobile industry were dominated by plastic hot stamping signs in previous years. After a few years of effort, the demand for hot stamping signs is constantly sliding, and plastic electroplating signs have occupied a leading position. If our enterprise cannot adapt to product changes and quickly replace old products with new products, it is easy to be at a disadvantage in the new round of product competition and is likely to cause product crisis

the maintenance of enterprise production cannot be separated from the product sales market, and losing the market in the competition is the most dangerous

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