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Looking back on the five key words of the robot industry in the first half of 2020,

the first six months of 2020 passed a little quickly. Many people may not have reacted, and half a year has passed by unexpectedly. However, although this half year has no sense of reality for people's life, it is very wonderful for the robot industry. After experiencing a series of events such as anti epidemic, resumption of work and production, robots also left a number of colorful strokes in the first half of the year. Next, we might as well review them in the form of keywords

when it comes to the first half of 2020, of course, the first thing people think of is the mighty pneumonia epidemic. This epidemic has not only affected people's daily life, but also affected the development process of all walks of life, and the robot industry is no exception. In this context, anti epidemic has become the primary task of enterprises in the robot industry since the beginning of 2020

then, how to fight the epidemic? Some enterprises choose to put their products in the first-line epidemic areas and obtain development opportunities through the application in the fields of medical treatment, catering and distribution; Some enterprises choose to switch to mask machines and production lines, relying on cross-border to reduce their losses; However, some enterprises can only stop production and wait for death due to the impact of personnel flow restriction, delayed resumption of work, resource shortage and so on

from this, we can see that the different choices and performances of anti epidemic have led to the emergence of a new round of reshuffle in the robot industry with an additional layer of polyurethane outside. After this round of reshuffle, enterprises with insufficient strength, lack of funds and lack of technology were successively eliminated, and the industry continued to accelerate its development and concentration. At the beginning of 2020, an epidemic has brought both opportunities and challenges to the robot industry

of course, the fact tells us that the impact of the epidemic on the robot industry is that opportunities outweigh challenges! On the one hand, the emergence of a new round of reshuffle is ultimately a sign of promoting the industry to mature; On the other hand, many enterprises survived and developed during the epidemic period, and the follow-up market of the whole industry also showed a hot state. The epidemic has given robots a new look

we know that the robot industry in China will be in a state of panic throughout 2019. In this year, due to the adverse impact of the global economy and the international situation, coupled with the slowdown in terminal demand and the slowdown in the early outbreak, the development of the entire market was not ideal. However, the epidemic has not only increased industrial applications and warmed up the market, but also been favored by capital

under the effect of the epidemic, the application of various medical, guiding, disinfection, temperature measurement and meal delivery robots has brought fire to the industry market. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, China's industrial robot industry grew by 12.9% in the first quarter, achieving contrarian growth. At the same time, in the first half of the year, China's robot enterprises also raised hundreds of financing, with the highest single financing exceeding US $200million

in the first half of 2020, the robot industry gave people the impression that in addition to fighting the epidemic and recovering, it was also listed. Since the opening of the scientific innovation board in 2019 opened a new way for robot enterprises, the wave of listing has continued to this day. Hundreds of boats compete for the current, and thousands of sails sail far through the waves. In 2020, the Sci-tech Innovation Board has become the goal of competition and agglomeration of robot enterprises

on February 17 this year, Ruisong technology was successfully listed on the science and technology innovation board; At the same time, on June 10, the IPO of evertech Innovation Board was also registered; Short if the sample clamping is more reliable when the oxidation reaction is serious, the small piston will leak oil in less than six months. There have been many "winners and dreamers" in robot related fields on the IPO Road, including Haimu star, oatmeal technology, Lianying laser, central control technology and Cech intelligence, etc

among them, robot system providers in the field of intelligent logistics and warehousing are gathering together to break through the technology innovation board. Under the background that the general trend of intelligent logistics is becoming increasingly clear and accelerating, dema technology, Ruisheng intelligence, Lanjian intelligence and others are eager to go on the board. More and more relevant enterprises hope to use capital as a catalyst to boost their own rise under the changes of new technologies, new demands and new markets

in 2020, another well-known event is the development of "new infrastructure". The new infrastructure includes AI, big data, IOT, industrial interconnection and other intelligent technologies, and its hot development has also promoted the transformation and upgrading of the robot industry. Among them, the embrace of robot system integrators for industrial interconnection has become a major trend

since this year, the state has issued a number of dividend policies, saying that it will increase the layout of industrial interconnection, speed up the interconnection between industrial interconnection and robots, and improve the development level of digitalization, networking and intelligence in the manufacturing industry, which has given enterprises in the robot field the direction of change from hard to soft. Affected by this, there were more than 40 domestic industrial interconnection financing events in the first quarter

among them, there are many enterprises in the robot field, especially industrial robot system integrators. At present, less than 15% of the enterprises in the industry have access to industrial interconnection, and less than 10% of the enterprises in the market actually use industrial interconnection platforms. In this context, there is still vast space for the integration of robots and industrial interconnection in the future, and the connection will continue

finally, 5g technology, which has been commercially available for just a year, will be the most talked about in 2020. As we all know, the combination of 5g technology and industrial robots is of great value. It can greatly enhance the intelligence, flexibility and accuracy of industrial development, stimulate more potential and vitality of robots, and bring more powerful functions and broader and deeper application space to robots

at present, China has achieved the construction of more than 200000 5g base stations, and 5g networks initially cover all major cities and towns once every swing; At the same time, 5g packages and 5g terminal devices have also been launched in succession, and accelerated to less than 100 yuan and less than 1000 yuan; In addition, 5g applications have also been written into the government work report. 5g and robot integration is at the right time

based on this, global robots have also further accelerated the integration with 5g since this year. For example, various guiding robots, medical robots and distribution robots during the epidemic have supported 5g; At the same time, Qualcomm has also launched the first platform RB5 specially designed for robots. It is reported that this platform is the first platform that supports 5g in the world

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