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Looking back on 2015, Haier's entrepreneurship is always on the road

under the background of the national "entrepreneurship and innovation" spirit, Haier's exploration of innovation and entrepreneurship is at the forefront of Chinese enterprises. Throughout Haier makers, there are nearly 2000 maker microenterprises, such as "Raytheon" game notebooks, Xiaoshuai cinemas, housing, community washing and non-cleaning, and more than 1000 entrepreneurial projects have now shown their magic powers on the Haier platform. With these endless entrepreneurs, Haier has also opened its own era of "everyone maker". In the Internet era, market competition is brutal, and user needs are harsh. This is an era of opportunities and ruthlessness. Enterprises may soar in the blink of an eye or collapse overnight. How can we gain a foothold in the Internet era? How to seek the way out of future transformation? Throughout 2015, Haier has experienced many stories, and in this process, the most impressive thing about Haier is that entrepreneurship is always on the way. The year 2015 has passed. Let's look back at Haier's reform and exploration and see how Haier has achieved its own brand road

Internet factory, born of personalization

key words: Transparent Factory mass customization production and consumption integration

Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Shenyang, Foshan, the layout of Internet factories is an important event throughout Haier's entire 2015. Taking a look at the seven interconnected factories that Haier has built so far, including refined production links, fully automated equipment, and the whole process interaction mode, you will feel an illusion that you are closer to the future with every step you take in the interconnected factories. Especially on August 11, 2015, when Haier upgraded its Internet factory to a transparent factory, users around the world can watch the real-time production of products in the factory at any time through the network port. From ordering to production and then to logistics distribution, interconnected factories are no longer the series mode of traditional manufacturing production, but connect the production design link with users in parallel, so that users can participate in the production process

build a u+ smart life platform in the ecosystem

key words: Smart Life platform ecosystem zero distance

layout interconnected factories internally and build a u+ smart life platform externally, which is an important development strategy of Haier in 2015. As the world's first smart life ecosystem operating system, Haier u+ smart life platform covers a complete set of smart home solutions. At the Shanghai Home Expo in March 2015, the u+ smart life platform was first introduced, and it has attracted widespread attention with its capabilities of home connectivity, big data analysis, cloud services and so on. In the Internet era, the decentralization of resources is both a feature and a pain point of this era, and the u+ smart life platform is committed to integrating these resources to build an Internet platform that can accommodate all rivers. Up to now, Haier u+ smart life platform has built seven smart ecosystems, including washing, water, air, food, health, safety and entertainment, and Haier's smart life strategy has been fully implemented

ten years of rendanheyi, ten years of subversive innovation

key words: rendanheyi thinks that it is not subversive innovation

heaven is not afraid of change, ancestors are not law, and people's words are not shirt. This is the conclusion of Zhang Ruimin, chairman of the board of directors of Haier Group and CEO of the ecological design of plastic additives product system in the whole life cycle process from waste disposal, on September 19, 2015, at the 10th anniversary of the exploration of win-win-win rendanheyi win-win model and the second Haier Global Forum on business model innovation. At the scene, Zhang Ruimin not only summarized Haier's ten-year rendanheyi Road, but also once again emphasized the importance of subversion, innovation and self delusion. After the 60 year old entrepreneur finished his speech, top scholars in the world, such as Jeremy Rifkin, Marshall Mayer, and bill Fisher, gave Zhang Ruimin warm applause. Looking back on the past ten years, rendanheyi road can be described as breaking while standing; Looking ahead, the next decade of rendanheyi is to create a win-win situation

what does rendanheyi mean for Haier? Is it an innovation in management mode? Or is it the internal driving force behind Haier's change? Neither is it. Marshall Mayer is perhaps the most explicit about the relationship between rendanheyi and Haier. He believes that rendanheyi is Haier's DNA. They are interdependent, symbiotic and win-win

Haier makers always on the road

experimental data show that the key word: the era of independent entrepreneurship for everyone makers

on October 19, 2015, Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Haier Group, was invited to participate in the launching ceremony of the national mass entrepreneurship and innovation week. Under the background of the national entrepreneurship and innovation spirit, Haier's exploration of innovation and entrepreneurship is at the forefront of Chinese enterprises. Throughout Haier makers, there are nearly 2000 maker microenterprises, such as Raytheon game notebook, Xiaoshuai cinema, housing, community washing and non-cleaning, and more than 1000 entrepreneurial projects have now shown their magic power on Haier platform. With these endless entrepreneurs, Haier has opened its own era of everyone makers. Haier's understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship is different. It first takes the platform as the incubation mechanism, and then takes user needs as the core starting point

lonely entrepreneurs on the Internet

key words: enthusiasm for independent mode change

from November 5 to 6, 2015, Zhang Ruimin, chairman and CEO of Haier Group, as the only Chinese entrepreneur invited to speak, participated in the peterdruck Global Forum and the round table forum activities. At the scene, Richard Straub, President of the Peter Drucker European society, called Zhang Ruimin the most famous CEO of China known to Europe. In fact, Haier is a maverick in both business model innovation and the exploration of the road to change in the Internet era. That is to say, as Zhang Ruimin once said, up to now, there is no ready-made model for the exploration of transforming industry with Internet. I visited many enterprises and top management scholars in the United States and Europe and asked them if we could find an object to learn from and imitate? Really not. We don't deny that Haier has had setbacks and shortcomings in the process of exploration, but Haier's courage to subvert and innovate is enough for us to learn

let users have the final say in all fears, honors and interests

key words: leaders face problems directly user core

in Haier's model law, users can be said to be the core starting point. That is, the principle of user pay proposed by Zhang Ruimin is the same, and it is guaranteed that the fear, honor and interests of Haier people cannot be destroyed, which is up to users. This practice certainly has its cruelty. If it does not advance, it will be eliminated, and if it does not change, it will die out; But it is also a very effective exploration. In this process, the middle tier disappears, and users and makers realize zero distance. Users are no longer customers who can only passively follow the market, but have become the main body of the market, which is a change brought about by the Internet and the requirements of the times

December 26th, 2015 is the 31st anniversary of Haier's entrepreneurship. On their 31st birthday, many Haier people choose to spend this day in a reflective way. This kind of reflection may be Haier's attitude towards the times. The rapid changes in the market have brought about a state of development eager for quick success and instant benefits. Sometimes it is a valuable spirit to calm down and reflect on what happened in the past. The Bible says that we are under pressure on all sides, but we are not trapped. There is no way out, but there is no way out. This is Zhang Rui's first information release to the public. Min encouraged makers on Haier's entrepreneurship anniversary day. What is the way out for Haier today? That is to become the leader of the times. This way out is very hard, but it is worth it

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