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The cross examination of "the first case of packaging and decoration in China" was completed

on May 8, the lawsuit officially entered the cross examination link, and both parties explained and cross examined the authenticity, legality, relevance and probative power of the evidence presented by the other party. After nearly 10 hours of fierce cross examination, the cross examination of the case of Wanglaoji jiaduobao red can replacement was completed. The presiding judge announced that the collegiate bench decided to hold a formal hearing in the Guangdong high court at 9 a.m. on May 15

the lawyer representing Wanglaoji's great health pointed out that the authenticity of many evidences provided by JDB was insufficient, and the delaying tactics were staged again at the cross examination scene, denying the evidence proposed by Wanglaoji without sufficient reasons

it is understood that the first evidence provided by JDB believes that before Wang Laoji's trademark was authorized to Hongdao group in 1992, Chen Hongdao had authorized Liang Shihe (Guangdong Southern beverage factory) to produce red packaging, and there was no word Wang Laoji at that time

facts have proved that Liang Shihe gave false testimony. Wang laojida pointed out through the park, scope, chain and intensive health attorney that JDB provided the eighth evidence. Page 9 of the judgment of Foshan intermediate people's court clearly stated that Dongguan Hongzhong, including Dao company, was established on September 19, 1995 and cancelled on August 31, 1998, How can Liang Shihe prove that an unincorporated company can entrust them to produce cool tea three years and two months in advance

the lawyer representing Wanglaoji health also pointed out that the first evidence provided by JDB is irrelevant to the case. Whether Dongguan Hongdao food and Beverage Co., Ltd. manufactures products for others or produces products by itself, the decoration of the packaging box is not similar to the decoration of the case. At the same time, according to Article 55 of the provisions of the Supreme People's Court on civil litigation evidence, witnesses should testify in court and accept the questions of the parties, while Liang Shihe did not appear in court to accept the questions of the parties. The so-called Liang Shihe testimony provided by JDB is not authentic and cannot be accepted

the lawyer representing Wanglaoji Health said that the civil judgment (2003) fzhong famin sanchu Zi No. 19 of Foshan intermediate people's court in Guangdong Province and the data recorded by Guangdong Higher People's Court (2003) Yue Gao FA min Sanchong Zi No. 212 of Guangdong Higher People's court had clearly identified Wanglaoji herbal tea as a well-known commodity. According to the "Anti Unfair Competition Law", the unique decoration right of well-known goods belongs to the maximum value of the legal impact intensity and zigzag intensity of well-known goods; The drying temperature of wood flour filled PVC in advance is 110 ℃, which is a good operator, and can be transferred between different legal operators with commodities

the relevant person in charge of Wanglaoji Health said that Guangyao has been producing and operating Wanglaoji herbal tea, and the red jar Wanglaoji herbal tea is only one of Wanglaoji herbal tea. As early as 1995, in the trademark license contract signed between Guangyao and Hongdao group, the parent company of JDB, it was clearly agreed to authorize Hongdao group to produce and operate red canned and red bottled Wanglaoji herbal tea

if there is no ownership, how can we authorize? The relevant person in charge of Wanglaoji Health said that now the production and operation right of Hongcan Wanglaoji has been recovered, and the exclusive decoration right has also been transferred back to Guangyao group with Wanglaoji herbal tea. It is an indisputable fact that Hongcan belongs to Wanglaoji, and I believe that the law will protect justice

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