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Looking back: in 2011, the development trend of Shanghai Publishing Industry in the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan, the total annual output value of Shanghai publishing industry stood at an important threshold of 100 billion yuan for the first time, and the whole publishing industry showed a good development trend of burst enterprise vitality, optimization of industrial structure and improvement of economic benefits. Looking back on 2011, Shanghai publishers handed over a satisfactory answer sheet

the awareness of high-quality products runs through the whole industry

in 2011, the influence of Shanghai Publishing in the country was further enhanced. In the second China publishing government awards, Shanghai won 48 awards, accounting for about 1/10 of the total awards nationwide, including 25 official awards and 23 nomination awards. The number of awards is far ahead of all provinces (regions and cities) in China. Among the books selected for the third "three hundred original" book publishing project to expand market breadth and depth, published by the General Administration of publication, Shanghai was selected for a total of 25 kinds of books, ranking first among all provinces (regions and cities) in China. The frog, a novel by Mo Yan, a famous writer published by Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House, won the 8th Mao Dun Literature Award, achieving a zero breakthrough in Shanghai publishing industry. Five topics were selected in the Sixth Batch of national tourism projects of the General Administration of publishing in Shanghai, accounting for 23% of the total. In addition, there are 460 key publishing plans in Shanghai during the 12th Five Year Plan, of which 220 are listed in the national key book plan during the 12th Five Year Plan, ranking first in the country, far exceeding other provinces in China

as half of the publishing industry in Shanghai, Shanghai Century Publishing Group is firmly committed to the road of high-quality products. In 2011, taking the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China as an opportunity, we will further set off a new upsurge in cultural construction. The group has published more than 120 books celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, including the large-scale Party History Atlas "Atlas of the Communist Party of China for 90 years" and "Atlas of cultural relics of the Communist Party of China for 90 years", which are listed in the key books of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and the General Administration of publishing to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, all of which embody the characteristics of historical materials, authority and readability; Over the years, the group has integrated the resources of its subordinate publishing houses to create a century humanities series, which has also published more than 500 varieties, which is spectacular; The publication of a large number of reference books and academic works represented by the collection of Cihai (Sixth Edition) has been highly praised by scholars and the industry

in the process of national cultural system reform, Shanghai Publishing Bureau actively explores new models of government management and the reform and development of the publishing industry, which provides a guarantee for enhancing the vitality and competitiveness of Shanghai's publishing industry

now, Shanghai has basically formed a publishing innovation system guided by the government, dominated by enterprises and market-oriented. In terms of digital publishing, with the support of the General Administration of publishing, Shanghai has established a ministerial and municipal cooperation mechanism and built the first national Zhangjiang digital publishing base to provide support for Shanghai's traditional publishing transformation, digital publishing core technology research and development, new product development, business model exploration, etc. Over the past three years, the municipal level has invested more than 100 million yuan in supporting the digital publishing industry, supporting a total of 76 digital publishing projects with good growth prospects for state-owned and private enterprises. In terms of printing industry, Shanghai has established the country's first green creative printing demonstration park, Jinshan national green creative printing demonstration park. At the same time, it actively promotes the development of district and county industries such as publication printing in Qingpu, characteristic printing in Minhang, and packaging printing in Pudong, and strives to build an advanced manufacturing agglomeration with one park and multiple districts, so as to increase the total amount of printing industry. In terms of copyright protection, Shanghai has actively improved the copyright public service system, established the Shanghai Copyright service center and the Shanghai Copyright Dispute Mediation Center, strengthened industrial research, optimized the development environment, actively carried out international copyright trade, and promoted more excellent publications to the world

in addition, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau also organizes and undertakes three major exhibitions: China International Digital Interactive Entertainment exhibition, Shanghai International Printing week and Shanghai Book Fair every year, as well as domestic book binding design evaluation of China's most beautiful books, which not only builds a platform for Shanghai publishing enterprises, but also benefits the whole country. Among them, after 9 years of development, China International Digital Interactive Entertainment exhibition has become a comprehensive industrial event covering the game industry, gathering exhibitions, industrial conferences, business exchanges and diversified interactions, and its industry influence ranks third in the world

new breakthroughs in public services

the holding of Shanghai Book Fair has become one of the most popular events among Shanghai citizens in midsummer, and has also become a conscious action of Shanghai publishers to actively serve readers and enhance the influence of Shanghai Publishing

in 2011, the Shanghai book fair further improved its cultural taste, held more than 440 cultural activities, and more than 300 well-known people at home and abroad came to the book fair in person, attracting 282000 readers from Shencheng and all over the country. The brand activity of summer of Shanghai, which was launched for the first time, organized 7 series of activities of new works by famous artists, with a total audience of 2000 people. There were enthusiastic exchanges on and off the stage, and positive interactions inside and outside the field. Shanghai radio set up a transparent studio on the spot for the first time. One hour is set aside every day as a pleasure time to invite celebrities, experts and scholars from all walks of life to recommend, read, interpret classics, share reading experience and happiness around the topic of a book on life. A total of 14 activities were held, which were warmly welcomed by readers. In addition, the echo rate and experimental curve of the whole city are dynamically displayed; Linkage, 17 districts and counties organized more than 40 national reading activities in various forms and rich contents in libraries, community cultural activity centers, rural bookstores and other organizations, setting off a new upsurge of national reading in Shanghai in midsummer

the construction of rural Bookstore project in Shanghai has also formed its own unique ideas and characteristics in the process of practice. Relying on the rural comprehensive cultural activity room, the Oriental Rural Information Park project, the new farmers' scientific and technological training and other public cultural service facilities, Shanghai Rural bookstore is jointly constructed and shared, without repeated construction. At the end of 2009, Shanghai realized the full coverage of rural bookstores in administrative villages in advance, with a total of 1514 rural bookstores built. In order to directly and effectively mobilize farmers' enthusiasm for reading and truly play the role of rural bookstores, since 2009, Shanghai Publishing Bureau has creatively launched five hundred activities of rural bookstores, namely, holding rural bookstores essay solicitation activities and selecting 100 excellent articles; Organize 100 reading lectures; Held 100 scientific and cultural lectures; Organize 100 excellent people to go to the countryside to interact with readers; Recommend 100 excellent books, establish a long-term rural bookstore for farmers to publish, supply, read and use books, accelerate the pace of research and development, and promote the development mechanism of the universal experimental machine market

it is understood that according to the guidance that the demand for public services in Shanghai continues to grow, Shanghai will actively set up community bookstores and newspaper columns that are convenient, beneficial and beneficial to the people on the basis of continuing to do a good job in brand activities such as Shanghai book fair and rural Bookstore during the 12th Five Year Plan period, so as to protect the basic cultural rights and interests of the people. In the center of the city, two more iconic large bookstores will be built to achieve a breakthrough in the convenience of public cultural services. Looking forward to the new year, the grand blueprint of building Shanghai into an international cultural metropolis is slowly opening up

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