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Review: China's upholstery industry is flying against the wind (3)

green packaging should actually be considered from two aspects: first, the packaging itself is green and biodegradable; Second, the production process of packaging is green, which does not cause environmental damage and excessive waste of resources. The laws and regulations issued by various countries actually emphasize these two aspects

from the perspective of flexible packaging enterprises, first, we should vigorously invest in research and development costs, cooperate with upstream enterprises, develop new green raw materials, reduce the impact of packaging waste on the environment, and improve the utilization of natural resources. Second, new technologies should be adopted to reduce emissions and improve energy utilization. At present, the gradual application of new technologies such as water-based ink, water-based adhesive and solvent-free adhesive will change the pattern of China's packaging market, and make packaging enterprises develop towards the direction of green environmental protection to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the country

the market gave birth to the boom of flexible packaging printing industry

this year, a remarkable feature is that with the maturity of the market, a packaging printing boom has been set off all over the country, and all regions have invested heavily to build flexible packaging production and printing bases

for some time, the development of China's printing industry has accelerated unprecedentedly: the government lists it as an urban industry, and its subsidiaries are in the construction period. Local governments actively open up professional industrial parks, the speed of foreign capital entry has accelerated, the total amount of equipment introduction has increased sharply, and the labor price has fallen seriously at the same time. This series of phenomena is concerned by everyone in the industry, because it is related to the average profit margin of the industry and the sustainable development of enterprises

more and more provinces and cities have taken out plots to build printing industrial parks: Beijing Printing City has settled in "Shunyi", with 2000 mu of land for the first phase of development; Shanghai international printing and packaging city is positioned as "Putuo". The land for the first phase of development is 600 mu. Besides the already large-scale "Longgang", Wenzhou has built a printing base on both sides of Jinlong Avenue, covering an area of 1300 mu; Shandong Weihai set up an industrial park, covering an area of 400 mu; Changsha Printing Industrial Park is located in "Huanghua", covering an area of 1000 mu, and each area is very generous

according to an article in the internal Journal of Suzhou Zixing paper company, the output value of the national printing industry reached 280billion yuan in 2003, an increase of 12% over 2002, with a strong growth momentum. Because of this, all regions are generally optimistic about the prospects for the development of the printing industry. Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Beijing, Tianjin and other coastal cities and provinces have listed printing as an urban industry and encouraged its development

the boom of flexible packaging printing reflects the prosperity and potential of this industry and market, but it is also a fuse to intensify industry competition

subway for spring

looking forward to the future, insiders said that China's upholstery industry is like the subway for spring when the engine was tested

the rise in oil prices indicates the recovery of demand and economic growth. After arduous adjustment, the world economy and Asian economy have recovered their momentum of strong growth, which will promote rapid economic growth with the help of strong demand

in recent years, some enterprises in the industry have upgraded their equipment, increased their investment in technology development, and continuously increased their R & D and investment in new products under difficult conditions, which has raised the added value of flexible packaging products to a higher level as a whole

the further opening of China's market has provided a huge opportunity for the plastic flexible packaging industry. The investment of a large number of multinational companies in China has provided a broad space for the demand for flexible packaging products. The requirements for quality and packaging grade have also stimulated the development of the plastic flexible packaging industry. The demand of large multinational companies for flexible packaging products used to be mainly dependent on imports, and then rely on the purification of syngas. Due to the impact of import cost and delivery time, In recent years, they have turned to domestic flexible packaging manufacturers for support. This provides a good opportunity for those manufacturers with guaranteed quality and large-scale production. The rise of world oil prices poses both challenges and opportunities for China's plastic flexible packaging industry. Relatively speaking, in China, due to the success of stimulating domestic demand policies, opportunities will outweigh challenges for the flexible packaging industry. We have reason to believe that the spring of the flexible packaging industry will come again

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