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Review the four breakthroughs in independent innovation of label printing equipment in 2010

in the label industry in 2010, relevant enterprises also made great breakthroughs in independent innovation of technology and equipment. According to reports, there were four breakthroughs in independent innovation of label printing technology and printing equipment in 2010

first, there has been a breakthrough in inkjet digital technology. Based on the successful development of inkjet digital printing machines, enterprises represented by Peking University Founder (founder model founder library founder second-hand equipment) have developed a series of products for label and packaging printing. Tan Junqiao said that at present, not only PKU founder can produce inkjet digital printing machines, but also a number of other domestic enterprises can produce inkjet digital printing machines, such as Suntech, Mengtai, XinJianLong, Eurostar, etc. these enterprises have played a great role in promoting the development of electronic labels and electronic supervision codes in China

second, RFID has a wider range of applications. For example, RFID came into great use at the Shanghai WorldExpo last year. At present, the electronic tag 100 has been successfully applied in Beijing Olympic Games tickets, Shanghai WorldExpo tickets, Russian subway tickets, bus tickets, luggage tags, etc

third, lucky Huaguang printing technology Co., Ltd. independently developed a 3.94mm flexible resin plate and put it on the market; Its 1.70mm flexible version has also entered the pilot stage, and the product will be put on the market soon. The successful research and development of these two projects will drive China's flexographic printing industry to upgrade to digitalization. Tan Junqiao said: flexo is used for label printing equipment. In the past, we didn't have this kind of plate equipment. It is completely imported and monopolized by foreign well-known brand companies such as DuPont and BASF. Now this kind of equipment can be developed in China, which is amazing

fourth, Yidi printing machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., an equipment manufacturer, has developed a new technology. Using the company's equipment to print labels can eliminate self-adhesive and save 35% - 70% of materials. Tan Junqiao said that the equipment they developed meets the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction advocated by the state, and can also reduce the use of materials

2011 is the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan, and the label industry will also usher in new development space. Tan Junqiao, honorary chairman of the label printing branch of China printing and equipment industry association, especially mentioned that the relevant policies issued by the state this year, especially the reduction of import printing machine tariffs, have brought good opportunities to the label industry. He said: in order to promote the development of digital printing, the tax rate of China's imported digital printing authorities has been reduced from 8% to 3%, and the tariff rate of flexographic printing machines has been reduced from 10% to 5%. The purpose is to promote the development of this technology. In particular, the import tariff rate of the inkjet head of inkjet digital printing machine was reduced from 6% to 3%, which received government support in promoting the development of the industry

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