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Comments on polyester chip market this week (April 23 - April 27)

due to the weak sales of polyester products at the end of last week, the polyester chip market fell slightly on Monday, but after entering this Tuesday, the market began to heat up, and polyester manufacturers have raised their quotations. As of this Thursday, there are still a few manufacturers raising their quotations, At present, the general quotation and transaction price in the East China market are respectively 11. Sensors, fixtures and accessories of different tonnage can be added as needed to achieve multi-purpose use of one machine, yuan/ton and yuan/ton. The highest transaction price has reached 11200 yuan/ton, an average increase of 10 yuan/ton compared with the price a week ago. Accura Phoenix provides excellent clarity and high temperature resistance for projet 6000 and 7000 yuan/ton

the change of polyester chip market this week is first affected by the upstream raw material market. Due to the recent rise of crude oil market again, PX market has also increased significantly, followed by PTA and MEG raw materials, so the cost of polyester chips is supported; This week, the mentality of all parties has also changed significantly. For example, polyester manufacturers, in fact, there is no shortage of raw materials in stock recently, but after the sharp rise in the upstream crude oil and polyester raw materials, everyone's optimistic mentality began to appear. Therefore, since Tuesday, the inquiry and procurement activities have increased significantly, which is more beneficial to the polyester chip market, while polyester chip manufacturers have a mentality of being reluctant to sell, and the quotation has increased accordingly

so far, the polyester chip market has shown signs of stabilization, and the downstream polyester chips with high prices have begun to stop and wait. On the whole, polyester chips are still promising in the future in the current peak season

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