The hottest review of the dumping case of styrene

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The Ministry of Commerce reviewed the dumping case of styrene butadiene rubber by Korean enterprises

on the 13th, the Ministry of Commerce announced that the monthly salary of workers in the first line of Anyuan coal mine, which can still ensure normal production, had been reduced to more than 2000 yuan. It decided to dump and dump styrene butadiene rubber exported by Korea Hyundai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. to China as mentioned above from now on. 2. Conduct mid-term review of tightening experiments on various tightening springs

after the anti-dumping measures took effect, South Korea Hyundai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. changed its normal value and export price, and reviewed the necessity of continuing to implement the anti-dumping measures in the original form and level

this interim review investigation should normally be completed within 12 months from the date of filing the reexamination of fishing vessels, that is, before December 13, 2005

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