Crisco's new spray is the hottest. Just press it

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Crisco's new spray requires only a slight press of

j.m. Smucker has launched Crisco simple touch non stick cooking spray, which is packaged as a 6-ounce aerosol can with what Smucker calls a click go nozzle. This click go nozzle provided by seaquist perfect dispensing can be easily bent and can be opened or closed with a single press. It has a large contact surface and is easy to use. This spray nozzle is firm and durable, and is not easy to crack. It is also known as Moritz one click lock spray regulator. Its top is equipped with a special dust cover produced by aquist perfect dispensing, which is strongly dissatisfied with the tariff measures of the trump government by se. It can cover the curved shoulder of the jar and cover it after use to keep it clean. In addition, it also uses heat shrinkable plastic packaging, so consumers can use it with more confidence. This novel vegetable spray is the latest product in Crisco's cooking and baking series

information source: packaging Expo

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