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Looking back on 2011, the most talked about word in the printing industry is "packaging and printing"

at present, the downside risk of the world economy is increasing, and the domestic economic growth is slowing down. Will people's Consumption Willingness be weakened? Will the packaging and printing market, which is associated with the consumer market, be affected by this? Some industry experts made it clear that people's car owners can get up to 11000 yuan of subsidies and awards. Daily consumption, especially food, is still in a growing trend, thus driving the development of the packaging and printing market. Looking forward to the prospect of the packaging and printing industry, lizhiwei, Secretary General of the packaging and printing branch of China printing and equipment industry association, said in an interview with China publishing news that the total demand of the domestic packaging and printing market will not decrease in 2012. Therefore, packaging and printing enterprises should welcome the new year with confidence and strength

with the deepening of the concept of green environmental protection, environmental protection packaging materials will be widely used in the packaging field

environmental protection packaging printing is becoming a trend

environmental protection packaging, as a green, environmental protection and low-carbon modern industry, its product line covers every place and corner of people's daily life. With people's stronger awareness of environmental protection and higher requirements for environmental protection, environmental protection packaging and printing will become a trend

just after new year's day this year, news came that Dongguan environmental protection packaging industry association in Guangdong Province was established. The association has 56 member units in the first phase, covering packaging design, production, research and development, packaging printing, packaging raw and auxiliary material supply, packaging machinery, packaging equipment manufacturing and other production fields. The founding of the association is that the pressure roller acts on the test piece with the purpose of promoting the development of environmental protection packaging industry in Dongguan. This is a symbolic act, which takes a forward-looking view of green, indicating that the awareness of environmental protection has been widely recognized in the industry

Li Zhiwei said: with the deepening of the concept of green environmental protection, environmental protection packaging materials will be widely used in the packaging field. As the concept of low-carbon environmental protection has become a social consensus, the impact performance, mechanical strength and modulus of green packaging materials such as environmental protection paper and environmental protection ink cannot be effectively improved, which will become a hot spot in the packaging and printing industry. At that time, environmental friendly printing methods such as flexographic printing will further expand its sphere of influence

at present, food safety, which is related to health, is the most concerned issue. Some people propose to put environmental protection clothes on the outer packaging of food. Li Zhiwei said: now people are pursuing a healthy life more and more, and food and food packaging are widely valued by the society. In the coming period, the packaging of food, drugs and supplies related to people's lives that affect people's health will be standardized

personalized demand is increasingly obvious

nowadays, social demand has reached the level that all commodities need packaging and all packaging needs printing. Some economists assert that enterprises in the 21st century sell not only products, but also the special needs of consumers. This special demand creates a good social atmosphere for brand marketing and personalized goods. The packaging and printing of personalized goods also reflects the personality and taste of users. According to the needs of this society, Li Zhiwei analyzed and judged that with the improvement of social and cultural quality, people have higher requirements for the design of personalized packaging and the function of low-carbon environmental protection, which is also an important indicator of material strength and performance. Personalized creative design will become a new highlight of the packaging and printing industry in 2012

he explained that packaging is inextricably linked with all walks of life. With the rapid development of commodity economy, commodity packaging is becoming more and more colorful, the special needs of consumers, and the personalized commodity market is expanding. The progress of printing technology and the diversification of post press processing make the color of product packaging more colorful, meet the needs of fashion and personalized packaging, and meet the consumer psychology and taste of consumers, especially young people

at present, in order to publicize new products and attract customers' attention, many brands will choose unique packaging. Personalized and customized products are increasing day by day, and packaging and printing is one of the most important means of decoration and processing for personalized goods or brands. These packaging requirements also bring opportunities to the majority of printers. Li Zhiwei further said that for packaging and printing enterprises, improving the added value of goods is the development direction of packaging and printing development and operation

digital printing will gradually expand

if personalized packaging is becoming an important means of brand pursuit, then digital technology is the booster of personalized packaging. As everyone knows, the biggest advantage of digital printing is that it can do variable data printing and allow the production of unique products

for the application of digital technology in packaging and printing, Li Zhiwei said that at present, the advantage of variable data printing is the general trend to develop to digital printing. Digital printing has become one of the most promising printing methods. Although sheet fed offset printing is the main printing method of packaging printing, digital printing is bound to occupy a certain share

at the same time, Li Zhiwei also said that large format, multi-functional printing and post press equipment are the equipment needs of packaging and printing enterprises. The popularization of computer direct plate making technology in the packaging and printing industry has accelerated

the transformation and packaging of books and periodicals need to be cautious.

in 2011, the most talked about vocabulary in the printing industry is packaging and printing. When books and periodicals printing and newspaper printing are impacted by various new media, the eyes of the printing industry focus on packaging printing. However, by the end of 2011, the voice of transforming packaging and printing had faded, and people's enthusiasm for talking gradually faded. In this regard, Li Zhiwei said: everyone wants to do packaging, but packaging printing and book printing are different in terms of equipment, technology, marketing methods, customers, raw materials and so on. After all, there is a threshold. Besides, the repacking of books and periodicals didn't start only last year, but finally some enterprises turned back. Why? It's because some enterprises can't do it, so the voice is not strong now

indeed, the field of packaging and printing is not a blue ocean. Reality tells people that packaging and printing enterprises are also under the operating pressure brought by rising costs. Large, medium and small packaging and printing enterprises are also facing the dilemma of declining profits, and even foreign-funded enterprises have withdrawn from China's packaging market

from a macro perspective, the packaging and printing market driven by consumption cannot be separated from the economic environment. From the perspective of enterprise investment in equipment, this is also proved. Just take Zhejiang as an example. According to the statistics of China business intelligence, the output of special packaging equipment in Zhejiang was 15549 units from January to November 2011, while it was as high as 31597 units in 2010, the highest since 2008. The data shows that the output of special packaging equipment in Zhejiang in 2008 and 2009 was 21991 and 25163 respectively. It can be seen that investment in packaging and printing is not a happy place, but also a coexistence of risks and opportunities

lizhiwei said that according to the current situation, rising prices, rising raw material costs and further rising labor costs will cause a new round of decline in the profits of packaging and printing enterprises, and these factors have threatened the survival of some small low profit packaging and printing enterprises

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