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Review: the market performance of sheet fed ink last year

in the past year, the performance of sheet fed ink in the field of business printing was weak, while the performance in the folding carton market was still quite stable. In terms of the current situation of the whole traditional ink market, the performance of the sheet fed offset printing market is a barometer, because the sheet fed ink market covers the fields of business and packaging printing

with the deep recession of the global economy, the business of sheet fed ink in the field of business printing is being affected, while the performance of packaging is relatively good

douglabertew, vice president of product management and strategy of printing consumables (North America) of Flint Group, said that like other ink markets, the global sheet fed market passed through a challenging 2008, with a decline in market performance compared with 2007

Mr labertew added: this decline was particularly evident in the fourth quarter. In the past, this was usually the most active period in the market. The packaging and commercial printing markets also experienced a similar situation, although the commercial market was indeed affected faster and to a greater extent. This is not surprising, because the business printing market is more closely related to macroeconomic fluctuations. When companies cut spending, advertising budgets are bound to bear the brunt

Davesambo, vice president of sales in the offset printing department of INX ink company, pointed out that the sales performance has declined in all business printing fields and packaging and printing fields except food packaging

Mr. Sambo said: in all food related packaging fields, according to the types of food, the sales performance has either maintained the level of 2007 or achieved significant growth, which is determined by the trade and economic conditions of the global and domestic markets. When the economic environment makes people feel comfortable, they are more willing to eat out. The occupancy rate of restaurants has always been very sensitive to changes in the economic environment. In addition, in the difficult economic environment when conducting aging experiments, some markets usually perform better, including fast food (including takeout) and boxed food (including frozen staple foods, such as pizza and various frozen meals)

brianbreidigan, vice president of product management in the business printing ink Department of Sun Chemical North America ink company, said that the sheet fed printing industry experienced a challenging year in 2008

Mr. breidigan said: the market performance of traditional and UV sheet fed inks is poor, or weak. Moreover, in the context of the recession of the economic environment, like other ink markets in the printing industry, it is also suffering from the pressure of cost and price. Under this situation, sunchem is committed to helping customers successfully expand their business. That means that what we do for our customers every day is to constantly strengthen our core competitiveness in business, such as reliability, timeliness of arrival, stability of product quality, and investment in product research and development

michellehearn, the marketing director of Sun Chemical North America ink company, added: when you observe things from the perspective of market vision, what we see and the development goal that the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China will account for more than 20% of the total sales volume by 2025 is that the folding carton packaging market has not weakened significantly, because there is little change in customer demand. On the other hand, Among the products covered by the sheet fed commercial printing market, the demand of most products fluctuates greatly. Advertising displays and brochures are good examples. Therefore, when most enterprises are considering how to cut expenses, it is not surprising that the business sheet fed market is in a downturn

stevesimpson, chief technology officer and senior vice president of superior printing ink company, pointed out in his report that the performance of the packaging market is better than that of the business market

simpson added: print customers are trying to reduce inventory and managing distribution channels very carefully. Therefore, the length of a single order for print is shorter, the allocation of spot color is less, and more print tends to four-color printing

Mr. Simpson pointed out that in the current downturn economic environment, those customers who invested in buying high-speed sheet fed printing machines are trying to expand production capacity. This is another market trend we see. For those printing machines that can print 18000 sheets per hour, if they only print at the speed of 16000 sheets, these customers are losing money. I think this will become an interesting phenomenon, a bit like a war. The two sides of the war are new machines that have not recovered their costs and old machines that are not efficient but have recovered their costs. Our commitment remains the same: our products have as comprehensive performance as possible, and this kind of stable on-board product has brought various benefits to our customers

Darylcollins, vice president of domestic sales and regional operations of wikoffcolor, said: the trade environment in the United States is quite bad. As an ink manufacturer, we have experienced significant and frequent increases in raw material prices in the past year. Then at the end of 2008, the sudden decline in supply made our situation more difficult. Nevertheless, I think the performance of the sheet fed packaging market is still better than that of the business printing market

johncopeland, President and COO of Toyo ink Americas, said: in a word, in terms of the entire industry, we know that the capacity of the sheet fed printing market has shrunk, while our company's business in the sheet fed market is still improving

the strength that dominates the sheet fed market

the weakening macro-economy, new technologies, industry integration and weak market demand are the leading forces that affect the trend of the sheet fed market, and ink manufacturers are working closely with their customers to help them adapt to the changes in the market

Mr. Copeland said: all these forces mentioned above are affecting the sheet fed industry. Toyo ink America is cooperating with printing manufacturers to provide appropriate products and some high-end technologies needed in various application fields, so as to help customers meet the needs of end users

Mr. Sambo said: the downturn in market demand can be attributed to the disappointing economic development prospects described by the current government. Official statements and actions can change public views and may gradually stimulate people's confidence in point of sale (POP) and luxury goods

Mr. Sambo said: some emerging technologies are being introduced into the market, and the transformation of ink to green and environmental protection is the most clear action that dominates the development trend of offset printing market. At INX, we have a green vision team and a quarterly magazine, which aims to cultivate and promote this very important ideological innovation. We manage recyclable resources and integrate them into the structure of our ink formula. Not only that, we have introduced a carbide reduction process in the production process to reduce environmental pollution. In order to know more information and knowledge, the employees of INX company regularly participate in industry gatherings and seminars, and convey these information to our customers and employees

Mr labertew said: even before the economic difficulties began to appear in 2008, the business sheet fed market had faced many challenges. The Internet and other media continued to erode the budget of the printing market. At the same time, the cost of many raw materials used in inks had risen, and the production capacity of some major direct and indirect raw materials began to be reduced. The current economic situation we have seen has only contributed to the flames

Mr. labertew said: in a difficult economic environment, people usually believe that the packaging market has the strongest immunity, because it is less affected by the reduction of advertising budget. However, it does suffer from the impact of various aspects, including the obvious decline of macro-economy, the reduction of the number of packaging advocated by social sustainable development, and the shrinking demand for consumer goods that may be stored or transported with packaging. In addition, flexible packaging is still a major competitor of sheet fed packaging on the shelf

labertew added that in the face of the difficult market environment, Flint Group worked closely with customers to help them maximize the performance of ink on the printing machine, so as to obtain the best printing performance. We pay close attention to the changes in customer needs and market legislation. Only in this way can we provide customers with various forward-looking suggestions and promote their business development. We are committed to providing products that are highly competitive in quality and cost. At the same time, we also spare no effort in the development and support of new technologies. For example, we developed the inuline ink varnish system and novastaranilox ink series that are updated with the wrinkle roll technology

in terms of environment-friendly products, Flint Group also found great market potential, such as the new generation of novavitf918supremebio ink. These high-performance plant-based inks are good at high-speed printing. Although every supplier has experienced the difficulties of last year, we still see a strong demand for inks and excellent suppliers in the sheet fed printing market. Customers' needs remain the same to improve quality, or efficiency and innovation

briedgan said: at present, multiple forces are jointly leading the development of the traditional sheet fed industry. Obviously, the macroeconomic downturn is an internal factor restricting the development of the entire industry, and it is also a catalyst for further industry integration and shrinking market demand. The macroeconomic downturn has not only led to a reduction in the demand for printed matter, but also accelerated the transformation from traditional printing to digital printing technology. We remain focused on our customers. Through our high-quality products and services, as well as updated and innovative products, we have always been committed to improving the production capacity of printing manufacturers

this year's new technologies are more focused on plant extraction, recyclable materials and cost reduction. These new technologies have attracted extensive interest from customers because they meet the two themes of this year: sustainability and conservation

grantshouldice, vice president of product management in the energy curing ink Department of Sun Chemical North America ink company, said: in the field of energy curing sheet fed printing, as you expected in the current economic environment, we see that efficiency has become a trend. Customers are trying to control the costs that need to be explained, and they are switching to the most efficient production mode without sacrificing quality

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