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Jiangsu Juneng construction is the largest photovoltaic power station construction project in China. On July 10, the 14th agricultural division of the corps and Jiangsu Juneng Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony in Urumqi for the construction of a 200MW photovoltaic power station cooperation project. The total investment of the project is 4billion yuan, which will be completed in 2014. It is currently the largest photovoltaic power station construction project in China

Gu Yueqiang, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Juneng Silicon Industry Co., Ltd., said: "Hotan has sufficient light time, and the annual effective light time is more than 2500 hours, which is very suitable for the development of photovoltaic solar power stations. The 220MW photovoltaic power station project invested by our company in the 14th division of Hotan agriculture is divided into three phases. The first phase project has been built since the beginning of 2013 since 20. The 30MW power station was completed in June of that year, and then the first phase project was completed every six months. In mid-2014, the 200MW photovoltaic power station project was completed, with an annual power generation of 400 million Above watt hour. "

Liguocheng, deputy director of the economic and Technological Cooperation Office of the Corps, said: "With the full launch of a new round of Counterpart Assistance to Xinjiang, emerging industries, high-tech industries and other industrial projects with high scientific and technological content and environmental protection have taken root and blossomed in the Corps. The photovoltaic power generation project of the 14th agricultural division signed this time is an important project of Jiangsu's assistance to Xinjiang. When it is possible to economize on fossil energy, emerging industries have been landing in the corps one after another, which plays a positive role in the economic development and industrial structure adjustment of the corps and can help the corps to open up Expand the ability to undertake industries. "

luyongquan, the General Commander of Jiangsu Province's assistance to Xinjiang, said, "this cooperation has built a new bridge between Jiangsu and Xinjiang and the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps. We hope that the two sides can promote the leapfrog development of Xinjiang's economy and society and forge a friendship of cooperation under the goals of strong alliance and win-win cooperation, as well as enterprise standards and industry standards." Zhonghua glass () domestic biodegradable plastic packaging market is also expanding

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