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Jiangsu should make new progress in the construction of ecological civilization

General Secretary Hu Jintao stressed when attending the deliberation of the Jiangsu delegation on the afternoon of March 5, We can inquire and print the experimental results of waw (6) 00g/1000g electro-hydraulic servo special experimental machine for prestressed steel strand (force displacement should deeply understand the great significance of building ecological civilization from the overall height and long-term perspective, earnestly implement the basic national policies of saving resources and protecting the environment, truly put the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society on the position of reducing the interference of human factors as far as possible in the development strategy of industrialization and modernization, and constantly make new progress in building ecological civilization.

I hope you continue to Take the treatment of Taihu Lake as the top priority of the construction of ecological civilization, take comprehensive treatment measures, resolve to eradicate the water pollution of Taihu Lake, and strive to make this pearl in the south of the Yangtze River reproduce the beautiful scenery of blue waves

from ecological exchange for growth to ecological optimization growth

representative Li Qiang, mayor of Yancheng City, said that the construction of ecological civilization is another new choice for our party to save the path after socialist material civilization, spiritual civilization and political civilization. Theoretical innovation is a distillation of the concept of scientific development and harmonious development. Yancheng has the longest coastline, the largest coastal beach and the widest sea area in the province, with unique ecological resources. As the decision-maker and manager of this city, we should cherish and carefully protect this treasure land given by nature, which is not only the great trust of Yancheng people, but also endowed by history. We should raise the ecological flag, play the environmental protection card, take the green road, integrate ecology and development, and realize the transformation from ecology for growth to ecological optimization growth. In terms of development goals, ecological construction should be included in the target management system

liuyongzhong, the mayor of Lianyungang, said that promoting the construction of ecological civilization has improved the new realm of building a well-off society in an all-round way. We should take the construction of ecological civilization as the essential requirement of implementing the scientific concept of development, further improve the weight of ecological civilization in the cadre evaluation system, implement project-based promotion, constantly increase investment, and turn the concept of ecological civilization into practical things in environmental protection and renovation, so as to provide a good environment for development and let the people share beautiful ecological resources

take the treatment of Taihu Lake as the first, and let the Pearl in the south of the Yangtze River reproduce the beautiful scenery of blue waves

for Wuxi, we know that we have a greater responsibility in protecting the environment and building ecological civilization. Maoxiaoping, the mayor of Wuxi, said earnestly that Wuxi should work hard on the implementation of the work, take the economic system and the environmental system as a closely related entity, strive to break through the environmental protection mode of end treatment, highlight source control, process control and whole process control, comprehensively establish a proactive, beforehand, preventive and positive environmental protection pattern, and truly build a long-term mechanism of environmental protection oriented development, Strive to find a win-win road between economic development and resources and environment. On the basis of structural adjustment, we should strengthen governance and ecological restoration, take the governance of Taihu Lake as the first, comprehensively implement various measures to protect the water source of Taihu Lake, practically strengthen the construction of ecological restoration system engineering, and make a determination to eradicate the water pollution of Taihu Lake, and strive to make this pearl in the south of the Yangtze River reappear the beautiful scenery of blue waves

to implement all the work of ecological civilization construction, we must first make a breakthrough in development planning. Representative Yao Jianhua, mayor of Taizhou, said that Taizhou, in combination with the eleventh five year plan, scientifically planned the spatial functions of the city, which were specifically divided into four categories: key development, moderate development, restricted development and prohibited development, and accelerated the formation of four areas: industrial parks, urban areas, modern agricultural areas and ecological protection areas. For example, there are not only high-end manufacturing parks that focus on development, but also ecological protection zones that restrict development in the areas along the river; It should be built into an important urban area and a national wetland reserve to implement the construction of ecological civilization

Deputy Yang Qun, deputy director of Nanjing Institute of Geology and paleontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the core of the concept of ecological civilization is the coordinated development of man and nature. The construction of ecological civilization must be guided by the scientific concept of development. Ideologically, it must change from the traditional concept of declaring war on nature and conquering nature to the concept of establishing harmonious coexistence between man and nature, so as to realize the balance between economic development and environmental bearing, harmonious coexistence between man and nature, sustainable economic and social development, constantly improve the quality of life of people, and establish a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, Continuously enhance the capacity for sustainable development. Scientific research institutes have great potential in the construction of ecological civilization. Developed countries have invested a lot of money in this regard to develop corresponding equipment and develop a large number of patented technologies. Scientific research institutes in our province should rely on their research and development advantages to develop more advanced environmental protection equipment and comprehensive pollution control and other system solutions

innovate the system and mechanism, and let those who attach importance to environmental protection taste the sweetness.

representative Chen Honghong, head of Tinghu District, Yancheng City, said that pollution can be treated for more than 100 years in a moment! The development of Northern Jiangsu must not follow the old path of pollution before treatment. The construction of ecological civilization needs to be guaranteed in terms of system and mechanism. Strictly control the access to environmental protection, actively promote the environmental impact assessment of enterprise development strategy, and improve the access mechanism of new projects. Promote the reform of environmental protection system and mechanism, improve the main construction of environmental monitoring and early warning center, and transfer to A2 version

to initially form the monitoring and early warning ability. We will implement compulsory cleaner production audits for illegal sewage discharge enterprises and eliminate enterprises with high energy consumption, high pollution and high emissions. Establish an incentive mechanism for environmental protection, and provide financial subsidies for the development and use of environmental protection technologies, so that enterprises that attach importance to environmental protection can enjoy the benefits and enterprises that ignore environmental protection can suffer. Formulate environmental and economic policies, such as environmental tax policies, such as environmental taxes, sewage charges, user charges, etc; Financial and capital market means, such as green securities, green credit, green insurance, etc., make environmental protection a conscious action of enterprises

representative Ye Youwei, chairman of Jiangsu Hengshun Group Co., Ltd., said that at the end of last year, Zhenjiang City closed the heavily polluted Jinhe paper production line, which greatly touched our business. After the pain, what Zhenjiang lost was the backward production technology that did not conform to ecological civilization and environmental friendliness, but what it got was a sustainable development model and clear water and blue sky. Economic development is not like athletes' competition. Whoever runs fast is the champion. We must also run well and continuously, innovate mechanisms, optimize development, and do not smoke and flow black water GDP

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