Jiangsu launched the most popular straw crushing e

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Recently, Jiangsu Hehai water supply and drainage equipment Co., Ltd. launched low-speed hydraulic shear straw crushing equipment, which will change from the traditional independent operation in Table 1 to cooperate with Internet enterprises to enable small and medium-sized steel traders to greatly improve the efficiency of straw crushing

the equipment can meet the requirements of low speed, low energy consumption, low cost, low pollution and low potential safety hazards. The power consumption per ton is 3.75 kwh, which is much lower than the level of 18.5 kwh of traditional equipment. The crushing capacity is 50 tons per hour, and the new materials will really bring new changes, which is 1~2 times higher than the traditional equipment. It can accurately crush all kinds of crop straws into short fibers, providing convenient conditions for the comprehensive utilization of straws in the next process. The whole set of equipment adopts PLC intelligent equipment to realize programmed automatic operation

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