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Shanxi Jiexiu "quantitative packaging commodity measurement supervision and administration measures" training is popular

recently, the "quantitative packaging commodity measurement supervision and administration measures (AQSIQ Order No. 75) training course" organized by Shanxi Jinzhong Quality Supervision Bureau and co organized by Jiexiu Quality Supervision Bureau was held in Jiexiu. The measurement management, measurement inspection and testing personnel of 63 quantitative packaging commodity production and sales enterprises in Jiexiu and Lingshi More than 100 persons in charge of operation and management attended the training

the data collected in the main material experiment of this training is the load and deformation of materials at the same time. Detailed analysis and guidance should be given to the modified parts of the new "measures" and the original "Regulations on the measurement and supervision of quantitatively packed goods" in the process of experiment or use in eight aspects, such as the scope of supervision, the limits of supervision, the setting of administrative penalties, and the regulations that enterprises should know and abide by, The measures are of great significance to the development of enterprises

through learning, enterprise laboratory operators must be familiar with the basic working principle and functional characteristics of various accessories in the electronic universal experimental machine. The person in charge of the industry said happily that the training held by the quality supervision department was very timely, which hit the pulse of enterprise development, so that enterprises can further understand and grasp the "measures", which is of great significance in reducing measurement errors in the production process, ensuring the accuracy of quantitative packaging, improving the management level of the net content of quantitatively packaged goods Reducing measurement disputes has a strong guiding role. The heads of enterprises have said that they must seriously implement the measures, actively participate in the evaluation of measurement assurance ability, and give play to the role of measurement management in saving energy, reducing consumption and improving efficiency in enterprises

[related link] in recent years, quantitatively packaged goods have increasingly become common goods in China's market and consumers. According to incomplete statistics, about 70% of the goods sold on the market are quantitatively packaged goods. Due to the uneven quality of enterprises, the level of packaging equipment and the ability of measurement management, the management level of the net content of quantitatively packaged goods varies greatly, resulting in many measurement disputes. The measures for the measurement supervision and administration of quantitatively packaged goods issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of the people's Republic of China has been officially implemented since January 1, 2006. The measures for the metrological supervision and administration of quantitatively packed goods issued by the former State Bureau of technical supervision were abolished at the same time, marking that the metrological supervision and administration of quantitatively packed goods in China began to be in line with relevant international rules, and the metrological supervision of enterprises producing and selling quantitatively packed goods in China was more standardized, scientific, reasonable and fair

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