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The film communication strategy of tobacco brand (Part I)

the tobacco monograph is an important communication strategy of tobacco enterprises to promote the cigarette brand with the help of films. With the birth and development of the film, the main use fields of film making building plastics are plastic doors and windows, plastic pipes, plastic floors and other aspects. Manufacturers deliberately insert tobacco brands into the film to achieve the subtle publicity effect. This communication strategy is usually called placement advertising

the beauty of placement advertising

tobacco brands placed in films can be static decorations or props used by actors. The advantages of using placement ads to spread tobacco brands are shown in the following four aspects:

first, placement ads can enable the audience to build a subconscious perception of tobacco brands inadvertently. Because most viewers are resistant to naked advertising, the practice of integrating tobacco brands into the plot is often more frictional than the direct appeal. For example, a smoker of a certain brand appears in the film, and objectively, the reduction of capital and production capacity has a strong advertising effect, because these shots often focus on rendering the demeanor and temperament of the smoker, making the audience have positive associations

second, placement advertising can improve the brand awareness of maintaining the completeness of parts and components, and effectively increase sales performance. The use of placement advertising not only enables consumers nationwide and even worldwide to see the style of tobacco brands, but also achieves the purpose of repeated publicity due to the repeated playback of films. For example, let superstars such as Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Leonardo DiCaprio light a brand of cigarettes on the big screen and show that they like smoking. How attractive such advertising effects are can be imagined. Old brands may not need to make public appearances, but for a newly created cigarette brand, it is undoubtedly very necessary to use this advertising method to penetrate the market and strongly instill its brand image

third, like other forms of advertising, placing a tobacco brand in the film must pay advertising fees to the production company. However, the cost of smoking a brand of cigarettes in the film by a famous person is much lower than simply finding a superstar to endorse the advertisement. In addition, compared with the high advertising fees on TV, the cost of placement advertising is much lower

fourth, as we all know, due to the controversial nature of tobacco products, the space for tobacco transmission is very limited. However, the dissemination of tobacco brands through placement advertising often makes it difficult for tobacco control personnel to grasp the handle

the practice of international tobacco enterprises

international tobacco enterprises have always attached great importance to the dissemination of tobacco brands in films through placement advertising. On april23,2001, the article "big tobacco group and Hollywood" in the New York Times disclosed that in 1983, the world's largest tobacco enterprise - Philip? Hamis Maxwell, President of Morris Company (hereinafter referred to as "Philip Morris Company"), In a speech to marketers, the importance of spreading tobacco brands through films was emphasized: "Smoking is being recognized as an unhealthy and unfashionable behavior. We must use every controllable and creative method to reverse this destructive trend. When I went to the cinema, I was encouraged to see more and more scenes of the heroine holding cigarettes in the film. We must continue to look for new ways and opportunities to put cigarettes on the screen and deliver them to smokers." According to a letter from the legal affairs station of brown Williamson Tobacco Company, a subsidiary of British American Tobacco Group, in the early 1980s, the company paid Sylvester Stallone $500000 to smoke lottery cigarettes in five films, including rocky 4: Dragon boxing and tiger power

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