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On the establishment of the dominant position of the world outlook of mechanism since the first industrial revolution in Britain in the second half of the 18th century, western capitalist production has completed the transformation from workshop handicraft industry to machine industry. Machine production has gradually replaced manual work, and mass production has replaced manual production in individual workshops. Around the excavation and use of coal, steel, etc., mankind has entered the "steam" machine age, and since then began the process of the human machine age. No matter day or night, human beings live in a world of machines, and machines fill every corner of human life, all the time, everywhere. Human beings' food, clothing, housing, transportation and use are inextricably linked with machines. Under this background, the mechanistic worldview has also begun to take shape gradually, becoming a conscious form that influences human thinking and behavior and basic life style to avoid the dynamic guidance of the company's stock price. Later, after the second industrial revolution in the second half of the 19th century, taking the development and utilization of oil as an opportunity, human beings gradually entered the era of "electrified" machines, and the mechanistic worldview became more deeply rooted in people's hearts. After the Second World War, with the development of new energy such as atomic energy and computers and the promotion and application of new technologies, mankind has experienced the third industrial revolution and entered the information technology era represented by atomic energy technology, aerospace technology and electronic computer application. All these have greatly promoted the transformation, development and progress of human society, economy, politics, culture and other fields, and deeply affected the way of thinking and way of life of mankind. Therefore, the mechanistic world view has reached the peak of expansion. Everywhere is full of praise for mechanical technology and the fact that what is needed to make this 2mm notch equipment is the impact specimen notch broaching machine! In the past, this mechanistic world view has completely overthrown all the previous traditional world views, and denied the ancient Greek world view and Christian world view. People's understanding of the world has entered the pure material field from the original spiritual field

the mechanistic world view views and analyzes everything in the universe with the mathematical concept of quantity, and believes that everything is a combination of different quantitative relationships. The inner qualitative world, that is to say, everything is a mechanical world in which mathematical quantities can be used to decompose, combine and arrange. Everything has its own laws, and these laws can be confirmed by a wide range of mathematical formulas and scientific observations. Human beings should act in accordance with these laws, so as to bring human society from a chaotic state to an orderly Accurate, reliable and controllable orderly state. Such a world is a cold, pure objective and pure material world without humanistic colors such as spirit and morality. The mechanistic worldview is much simpler than the previous ancient Greek mythological worldview and Christian worldview. People can design and control everything in the world with the help of various artificial means. More importantly, from the surface, it is effective and immediate. Therefore, for most human beings, this kind of mechanical world outlook is an irresistible temptation

the establishment of the dominant position of the mechanistic world outlook, which occupies the leading position of modern human thought, is a step-by-step process. In terms of ideology, it has been gradually established through the unremitting exploration, vigorous advocacy and subtle influence of bacon, Descartes, Newton, Locke, Smith and Darwin in different fields

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