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Talking about the factors affecting the promotion of plastic barrels

despite the rapid development of plastic processing technology, plastic barrels have many advantages, but at present most users do not change plastic packaging, but continue to use traditional steel barrels

14. The dynamic exchange of length, force unit and display digit and the stability of packaging price are also important factors that make paint manufacturers fear. Relatively speaking, the price of steel barrels is relatively stable, while the price of plastic barrels with fast response fluctuates due to the impact of the market price of synthetic resin

however, the situation of China's coating industry is somewhat special. Chinese coating enterprises have not yet formed the monopoly operation of large enterprises. Many small and medium-sized enterprises do not have a high degree of automation in subsequent processes, which makes it possible for enterprises to use all plastic packaging. Therefore, it can be predicted that the all plastic packaging of Chinese coating will be first applied in small and medium-sized coating enterprises and gradually expand its application proportion

2. Adaptability of filling production line

steel drums have been the main packaging containers for more than 100 years. There is a special group of people. Chemquest group, a consulting company engaged in the international strategic management of adhesive, sealant and coating industry, believes that it is difficult to promote the entire coating industry to use a new type of packaging container without significant cost reduction. If new packaging containers are used, the logistics channel of the coating industry needs to be renovated. For the coating industry, the logistics channel is the biggest factor affecting the benefits

Another problem caused by

all plastic barrels is the stacking height. The product strength of kW plastic company can be compared with that of cylindrical steel barrel. However, industry experts point out that when the storage temperature rises, the side bulge of the all plastic barrel is still a problem. The other difference of all plastic containers is that they have got rid of the traditional cylindrical design and adopted the square design. This poses a great challenge to coating manufacturers trying to introduce all plastic containers into their existing production systems. Benjaminmoore, a paint manufacturer, said that if each filling line in each factory was adjusted to fit square plastic containers, the transformation cost would be amazing

3. Users' recognition of plastic barrels

it is difficult for most users to recognize plastic barrels after long-term use of steel barrels. However, chemquest believes that the cost of using all plastic containers is lower than the benefits of innovative design. The biggest selling point of all plastic containers is their creative structure and shape. Coating enterprises using packaging containers with creative structures and shapes will receive unexpected results, which is likely to cause huge positive reactions from users. All plastic coating containers have good sealing performance, which is also recognized by many industry experts as the key advantage of all plastic containers

another advantage recognized by coating manufacturers is that all plastic containers have excellent collapse resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. Because it can reduce the damage to products, the use of all plastic containers can save a lot of costs for paint manufacturers

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