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On the over packaging of products in China and its countermeasures (II)

(I) improve the legal system of environmental protection and strengthen the management and legislation of packaging waste

implement the common theme of sustainable development strategy to combine economy and ecology in decision-making ⑦ we should see the fact that the gross national product is deducted and then screwed into a precision piston of the loading unit, except for the damage and loss of natural resources and environmental pollution. China's current environmental legislation should closely combine environmental protection with sustainable development:

1. Incorporate strict environmental standards into product packaging standards. It is necessary to formulate a regulation to strictly control the product packaging process that may cause greater environmental pollution and is contrary to the concept of environmental protection, and to control the generation of packaging pollutants from the source based on the principle of "prevention first". The newly enacted circular economy law in Germany is an example of the practical implementation of green packaging protection in the form of legislation. ⑧

2. Improve the environmental tax system. In order to control the generation of new pollution, it is suggested to levy environmental service tax and garbage tax, including the product packaging waste, so as to give full play to the tax leverage and raise funds for garbage disposal

3. Revise the relatively lagging environmental laws and regulations and expand the collection of pollutants. At present, China only stipulates the sewage charges for polluted water, waste gas, waste residue, noise and radioactivity. In the future, if a reasonable charge standard for packaging waste is formulated after the environmental economic value assessment, it will certainly stimulate the enterprises of independent economic entities seeking to maximize profits to improve production technology

4. In order not to wait passively for the post treatment of packaging waste, regulations are made to limit excessive packaging and excessive waste generation. Enterprises that violate the regulations are required to undertake the recycling and disposal. If they abuse natural resources and pollute the environment, they are also responsible for breaking the law. The regulations on packaging waste issued by the British environmental protection department require domestic packers, sellers, raw material manufacturers and other enterprises to dispose of a certain proportion of packaging waste. Those exceeding a certain volume of packaging waste should not only be disposed of properly, but also further put forward a detailed treatment plan to the environmental protection department

(II) formulate environmental protection and economic policies, encourage and guide improvement and innovation

government departments should include environmental protection in the agenda, encourage the effective utilization of environmental resources, strictly implement various environmental management measures, actively rectify packaging pollutants within their jurisdiction, and strengthen the guidance of environmental protection measures, such as actively improving the utilization rate of resources, using machinery and equipment that improve energy and reduce waste, Enterprises engaged in technological research through innovation and invention may be allowed to apply for tax relief

(III) self adjustment, strengthening management and scientific management of enterprises

in the tide of knowledge economy, the sustainable development of natural resources and economy has become a major issue in the development of enterprises. With the increasing attention to environmental issues in the world, manufacturers have paid attention to the packaging problem before products are put on the market. After China's accession to the world trade organization, renewable and environmentally friendly packaging will become an important pass to enter the international market. Enterprises should recognize the trend of market development, timely adjust business strategies, adopt scientific production methods, reduce the consumption of non renewable resources, and develop green packaging products and recyclable waste packaging that are conducive to maintaining the ecological environment, so as to improve the market competitiveness of products and increase the market share. In the production of products, enterprises should unify economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits, and prohibit packaging at the cost of destructive development of natural resources. ISO14000 series has expressly stipulated that all products (packaging) purchased by international businessmen should be subject to environmental and ecological assessment and use environmental signs

(IV) enhance the awareness of environmental protection and improve the quality of green consumption

China's traditional way of domestic waste dumping has caused serious pollution to the atmosphere, water and soil, damage to the natural landscape, and is also prone to produce biogas, causing fire and explosion. It is reported that the old port, the largest landfill base in Shanghai, will be filled up by 2003. However, the problem of garbage entry and exit makes landfilling at the cost of occupying land no longer the direction of garbage treatment in Shanghai. Since june2000, Shanghai has implemented classified collection of domestic waste in 20% of the central urban areas, involving 613 residential areas, 5.09 million households and 1.53 million residents. ⑨ By 2001, 853 residential areas had carried out classified collection, and the first batch of more than 100 groups of classified collection waste containers were officially placed on the main roads near Shanghai railway station on April 30. ⑩ Garbage contains abundant energy resources. Due to classified collection, at least 30% of the resources that can be directly recycled can serve mankind again. Today, in pursuit of economic growth and wealth accumulation, we should strengthen the awareness of environmental protection of the whole people, cherish and protect the environment. However, the new national standard GB 31604.1 ⑵ 015 clearly requires that food imitations should be selected according to the food or food type expected to be contacted by the product, and the limited natural resources should be used reasonably. We should gradually promote the plan of separate packaging and collection of household waste nationwide, so as to reduce the amount of waste and make effective use of packaging waste

the real realization of green consumption also depends on the improvement of consumers' consumption quality. The society should widely carry out the publicity and education of green consumption knowledge and the activities of green consumption volunteer action to improve the green consumption quality of consumers, so that consumers can have the necessary purchase knowledge when facing a large number of commodities, and there will no longer be the embarrassing and worrying scene of few buyers when the famous environmental protection postcards were listed in 2001. Strengthen the publicity and education of green consumption, improve the quality of green consumption of the whole people, encourage more people to be enthusiastic about environmental protection, and realize the supervision of environmental protection through the public's participation in green consumption. The current situation of packaging waste in China will certainly be improved

once, "High prices for products, low prices for raw materials and priceless resources have led to ecological damage and environmental degradation. The increasingly serious problem of precise environmental policies has sounded an alarm for human survival. With economic growth, people have deeply realized the close and complex relationship between resources, environment and sustainable development. Reduce packaging waste, maintain the ecological environment and prevent environmental pollution. Every member of society should actively participate in the practice In fact, Eric Hohmann, the owner of FGH systems, pointed out that we should base ourselves on the present and focus on the future. The wave of green environmental movement is cleaning up every field of social development. The awareness of green environmental protection has become a powerful weapon in the fierce market competition

-- yaohuie, East China University of political science and law

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